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Professional Electives

BS in Media, Culture and Communication

Professional Electives / 8 credits

MCC majors pursue a wide range of future careers. The Professional Electives requirement is an opportunity to acquire and develop the skills you may need along the way.

You can fulfill the requirement internally by choosing from the MCC professional electives listed below, which focus on the acquisition of Media Industry skills and include regular offerings in the areas indicated. Alternatively, in consultation with your advisor, you may choose to take non-MCC classes that you deem useful to your professional goals. Pre-approved classes include offerings in Stern, Journalism, Computer Science, Film & Television, and Open Arts, among other programs.

Please note that Professional Electives cannot be taken pass/fail. Students who declare a minor or second major may not double count these required courses towards Professional Electives; the only exception to this is a second major in Journalism or a minor in Producing.

MCC Professional Electives

MCC-UE 1051 Social Impact: Advertising for Social Good
MCC-UE 1052 Social Impact: Copywriting and Content Strategy
MCC-UE 1053 Social Impact: Artistic Activism
MCC-UE 1100 Internship in Media, Culture, and Communication*
MCC-UE 1740 Interviewing Strategies
MCC-UE 1755 Public Relations: Principles and Practices
MCC-UE 1760 Innovations in Marketing
MCC-UE 1775 Advertising and Marketing
MCC-UE 1780 Advertising Campaigns
MCC-UE 1805 Public Speaking

*NOTE: Any students taking the NODEP-UA 9982 Experiential Learning Seminar at the NYU-LA campus have an exception to the 6 credit internship maximum so that they can complete this required course at the NYU-LA campus. The 2 credit differential from taking the NODEP-UA course can count toward the student's liberal arts elective requirements, unrestricted electives, or professional electives.