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BS, Global Public Health/Communicative Sciences and Disorders

The BS in Global Public Health/Communicative Sciences and Disorders requires completion of 128 total points – 60 credits in the liberal arts, 56 credits of specialization within the major (36 in Communicative Sciences and Disorders and 24 in Global Public Health), and 12 credits of unrestricted electives.

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum of the College of Arts and Science provides a foundational academic experience of general education in the liberal arts for undergraduates at NYU. Courses in the Core Curriculum are designed to give students the skills and breadth of intellectual perspective to flourish in their major programs of study and in their later careers. For students in the other participating schools and programs, the curriculum has been adapted to provide the liberal arts core of their professional preparation.

In addition to courses offered through the College of Arts and Science, Steinhardt students may take Core courses within Steinhardt.

See more information about the content and titles of Core and math courses.

Expository Writing Program and the Writing Center

NYU’s required writing courses are designed to prepare students for the work they will do in all of their academic courses. These writing courses are foundational and essential; they prepare students for rigorous thinking, elegant writing, and supple imagining.

In order to meet and exceed the rigor of academic writing, NYU provides assistance through the Writing Center. The Writing Center is a place where any NYU student can get help with his or her writing. The center, a part of NYU's Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Science, is a place where one-on-one teaching and learning occur, as students work closely with professional consultants at every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing except for exams.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please refer to the Expository Writing Program page.

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Entering undergraduate students take foreign language proficiency examinations administered by the College of Arts and Science prior to their first registration. The results of these examinations do not exempt students from taking these courses but assist in determining the appropriate level of courses in these areas.

The placement examinations are required of undergraduate students who will register for any language with which they have prior experience (studied in high school, college, or study abroad programs or who are bilingual or multilingual).