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Science and Math Requirements

BS, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Undergraduate students at New York University are required to take a minimum of two science courses: one in biological/life sciences and one in physical sciences. These courses satisfy the NYU Liberal Arts Core Curriculum requirements, and as a result, have a CORE prefix in the course title rather than a BIO, CHEM, or PHYS prefix. Despite the CORE prefix, these courses satisfy science and statistics prerequisites for CSD study at the graduate level.

The guide below explains how courses with the CORE prefix equate to various NYU requirements. Please note: courses with a BIO, CHEM, or PHYS prefix are not listed below, but also count toward NYU's undergraduate science requirement. 

Courses Satisfying NYU's Biological Sciences Requirement


NYU Department

CORE-UA 303 Life Science: Human Genetics


CORE-UA 305 Life Science: Human Origins 


CORE-UA 306 Life Science: Brain and Behavior

Neural Science

CORE-UA 310 Life Science: Molecules of Life

Science Core

CORE-UA 313 Life Science: The Brain: A User’s Guide


CORE-UA 314 Life Science: Genomes and Diversity


CORE-UA 315 Life Science: Human Reproduction

NYU Langone Health

ANTH-UA 2 Human Evolution


NUTR-UE 1068 Introduction to Human Physiology

Nutrition and Food Studies

Courses Satisfying NYU's Physical Sciences Requirement


NYU Department

CORE-UA 203 Physical Science: Energy & The Environment


CORE-UA 204 Physical Science: Einstein’s Universe


CORE-UA 209 Physical Science: Quarks to Cosmos


CORE-UA 210 Physical Science: Molecules of Life

Science Core

CORE-UA 214 Physical Science: How Things Work


Courses Satisfying NYU's Statistics Requirement


While not in the Mathematics Department, these three courses cover standard undergraduate statistics material.


NYU Department

PSYCH-UA 10 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences


UGPH-GU 20 Biostatistics for Public Health


APSTA-UE 10 Statistical Mysteries and How to Solve Them

Applied Statistics

Please contact Dr. Sudha Arunachalam with any questions:

Sudha Arunachalam

Associate Professor; Director, Undergraduate Program