Degree Requirements

MA in Visual Arts Administration

Degree Requirements

I. Core Courses (9 points)
ARVA-GE 2030 Environment of Visual Arts Administration (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2109 Digital Technologies and the Art Organization: From Strategy to Practice (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2028 Law and the Visual Arts (3 pts)

Primary Areas of Study
(Select either area - 9 pts required)

II. Arts Management   
ARVA-GE 2032 Development for the Vis. Arts (3 pts)       
ARVA-GE 2133 Strategic Planning and Governance (3 pts)           
ARVA-GE 2027 Show and Tell: Interpreting Exhibitions (3 pts)   

II. Arts Market

ARVA-GE 2016 Art Collecting (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2076 Visual Arts Market (3 pts)   
ARVA-GE 2171 Appraisal & Valuation of Art (3 pts)

III. Business Courses (9 pts. required)

Leonard N. Stern School of Business or Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
COR1-GB 1306 Financial Accounting (3 pts)
COR1-GB 1302 Leadership in Organizations (3 pts)
COR1-GB 2310 Marketing Concepts and Strategies (3 pts)

IV. Internships (3 pts. required)
ARVA-GE 2302 Internship in Art (variable 0-6 pts/semester)

V. Thesis (3 pts. required)
ARVA-GE 2299 Research in Visual Arts Administration (2 pts)
ARVA-GE 2301 Final Project (1 pt)

Secondary Areas of Study
(Choose one from the following suggested areas of study, or create your own area of study - 9 pts required.)

VI. Curatorial Studies 
ARVA-GE 2019 Exhibition Design (3 pts)   
ARVA-GE 2198 Collections & Exhibition Management (3 pts)   
ARVA-GE 2911 Curatorial Practice (3 pts)

VI. Arts Advocacy/Art Education

ARVA-GE 2035 Arts Advocacy: Concept and Practice (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2112 Urban Development & Visual Arts (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2021 Education in Art Museums (3 pts)

VI. Global Perspectives
ARVA-GE 2215 Issues and Practice in Arts Administration: The European Context (6 pts) (Netherlands and Berlin)
ARVA-GE 2027 Show and Tell: Interpreting Exhibitions (3 pts)

VII. Electives by advisement (selected from, but not limited to, the following as well as courses offered throughout the university (9 pts.)
ART-GE 2002 Introduction to Galleries and Museums (3 pts)
MPAPA-GE 2225 Cultural Tourism (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2212 Corporate Sponsorship in the Arts (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2015 Function and Structure Museums (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2060 The Artist’s Career (3 pts)  
ARVA-GE-2079 360º-Launch: High Impact Media Relations & Marketing New Vis Art Ventures (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2118 Business and the Visual Arts (3 pts)
ARVA- GE 2120 Contemporary Art and Community Partnerships (3 pts)
ARVA- GE 2121 Praxis in Contemporary Art and Community Partnerships (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2134 Cultural Branding in Arts Organizations (3 pts)  
ARVA-GE 2912 Grad Projects: Aspects of the Art World (2 pts)
ARVA-GE 2913 Grad Projects: Curating Biennials  
ARVA- GE 2914 Grad Projects: Cultural Heritage
ARVA-GE 2915 Art Market Analysis and Investment (1.5 pts)
ARTCR-GE 2141 History of Taste 1850-present (3 pts)
ARTCR -GE 2151 History of Art Since 1945 (3 pts)  
ARTCR-GE 2235 History of Cont Art & New Media (3 pts)
ARTED-GE 2070 Critical Pedagogy, Artists, and the Public Sphere (3 pts)
ARTED-GE 2276 Art Education in Alternative Settings (3 pts)

Program Total: 51 points

Detailed descriptions of the courses for the M.A. Visual Arts Administration program.