Social Studies Education

BS in Teaching Social Studies, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification

Inspire students to be active citizens

Prepare for an exciting career as a social studies teacher. In this bachelor of science program, you will build your knowledge of global and US histories and acquire pedagogical strategies that engage students and go beyond textbooks and multiple choice tests. Supervised student teaching placements in New York City schools provide classroom teaching experience – you'll assume responsibility for teaching a daily social studies class by the start of your senior year.

This program leads to eligibility for New York State initial teaching certification. This program also permits you to teach social studies in grades 5 and 6. 

What you'll learn

Our nationally recognized faculty members are at the forefront of social studies curriculum reform, and are leading efforts in teacher development and teaching through technology. You will work closely with them to learn: 

  • A strong mastery of US and global histories
  • Approaches, theories, and practical strategies for teaching middle and high school students
  • How to implement curricula for teaching social studies in multicultural and multiethnic schools
  • How to integrate history, literature, and the arts into your curriculum and create inquiry-based workshops
  • Teaching methods for students at different reading and writing levels

See the curriculum and requirements for this bachelor's degree. 

How you'll learn

A Strong Liberal Arts Education
The BS in Teaching Social Studies combines a broad liberal arts education with specialized coursework in history, politics, economics, and pedagogy. You'll take a wide range of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, developing an interdisciplinary approach to social studies.  

A History-Centered Curriculum
Like New York State's social studies curriculum, our program features a thorough study of history. You will gain an understanding of global and US histories and choose an area of specialization, then complete advanced coursework and a research seminar. 

Fieldwork and Student Teaching
You will complete two semesters of classroom observation and student teaching in New York City public schools, honing your own teaching techniques and instructional plans under the close supervision of an experienced teacher. You will also have opportunities to design curricula for city schools. 

Financial Support for Graduate Study
If you’re interested in graduate study, we offer generous Scholarships for Advanced Study to graduating seniors who want to continue on for a master's degree in NYU Steinhardt's Teaching and Learning Department.

Prepare for careers in
  • Secondary school social studies education, in the US or abroad
  • Curriculum development and consulting
  • Textbook editing and publishing
  • Domestic or international business or governmental work
  • Nonprofit international agencies
Dual degree option: BA in History/MA in Teaching Social Studies, Grades 7–12, Initial Certification

We also offer a dual degree so you can earn a History BA from NYU’s College of Arts and Science and an MA in Teaching Social Studies from NYU Steinhardt in only five years. Learn more about the dual degree option.

For more details about the prerequisites and requirements, and for program recruitment events, please email the Undergraduate Advising Team at
Program Leader

Diana Turk
Program Director