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Study Abroad Policies

Short-Term Graduate Courses


Faculty leaders and Global Affairs staff review applicants for NYU Steinhardt January, Spring Break, and Summer study abroad programs are evaluated on demonstrated academic preparedness, professional, and personal interest in the chosen program topic.


Current NYU Students 

Our global courses are taught at the graduate level. Master’s and doctoral students from all NYU schools are welcome to apply. Undergraduate students with 96+ credits are eligible to participate unless otherwise specified. Applicants should always consult with their academic adviser to confirm what course numbers will satisfy their degree requirements. 

Visiting Students

Professionals and students from other universities who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university by the program start date are welcome to apply to our programs. Undergraduates from other students are not eligible to enroll in NYU graduate-level courses. Consult with your academic adviser at your home institution to determine what course numbers will transfer or satisfy degree requirements at your home institution. Visiting students enrolling for-credit may request an official transcript from the NYU Registrar upon program completion, but NYU cannot guarantee that all credits earned will transfer to the student’s home institution, or toward a future degree program. The Inter-University Doctoral Consortium is not applicable to study abroad. 

Non-Credit Participants

A non-credit option is available on an exception-only basis. If granted approval to participate not for credit, students will pay a non-credit fee and attend all course activities and complete all assignments. Non-credit students will not receive an official transcript. To request non-credit participation, write to For more information, please see our full description of the Non-Credit Participation Policy (add jump link to the Non-Credit section here).

Application Procedures

Current NYU students 

Log in to NYU Home, click on the Academics tab, and then log in to Albert. You will see a Student Center heading in bold letters. Click on Steinhardt Global Programs Application to begin your application.

Visiting students 

Create an account here and complete an application. The following items are required:

 A one-page  personal statement (1 page, .pdf or .doc format)

  • Resume  (1 page, .pdf or .doc format)
  • Official copies of University transcripts from all institutions where you earned a degree.

The Office of Global Affairs staff and program faculty review applications in accordance with these dates. Only complete applications will be considered.

For January and Spring Break programming, applications are welcomed starting in August of each year. For Summer programming, applications are welcomed starting in December of each year. Applicants will be notified via email by the notification deadline.

Accept or Decline Offer of Admission

All students who are offered a spot in a Steinhardt short-term graduate study abroad program must accept or decline this spot within the date provided in their admissions letter.

Waitlisted Students

Students who are waitlisted for a program have the following options:

  • Remain on the waitlist for the program. If a spot becomes available, the student will be notified and asked to accept or decline their spot via the Slate application system <<link>>.
  • Resubmit application for a different study abroad course. Used in consultation with Global Affairs staff, this option does not guarantee admission. 
  • Withdraw their application.

The Office of Global Affairs does not grant deferrals.

Academic Policies

Students who have been accepted to a Steinhardt study abroad program must comply with the following stipulations:

Academic Status

Admission to a Steinhardt study abroad program is contingent upon a student's continued academic success through the duration of the semester prior to departure. Should a student's admission to a Steinhardt study abroad program be revoked as a result of poor academic performance, NYU will not be responsible for refunding any expenses incurred in preparation for the intended study abroad program.

Student Conduct Status

By enrolling in a global academic center, a student assumes not only the rights and privileges of membership in a unique community but also the duties of citizenry associated with maintaining the values of the University community as well as those of the country in which the campus is located. Each student is expected to conduct his or her academic and non-academic life in a manner that demonstrates consideration for the rights, property, and interests of NYU, concern for the well-being of other community members, and respect for the culture, customs, and laws of the nation in which the student is a guest.  

On behalf of, and in conjunction with, its members, the University has a duty to address behavior that jeopardizes the health, safety, or welfare of its members; compromises the academic or intellectual process; disrupts the administrative and support services of the University; and/or shows a disrespect for the country and the local community in which the academic center is located. Students who are alleged to have engaged in behavior that violates the Study Abroad Standard, New York University policies, and/or center-specific policies will be subject to review through the University student conduct process at the Center and/or the University level as deemed appropriate. The University also reserves the right to report matters involving criminal acts to the proper authorities. In disciplinary matters involving a visiting student whose home institution is other than NYU, NYU reserves the right to inform the appropriate office at that institution of the matter and results of all disciplinary decisions involving that student.

Students who have been placed on University disciplinary probation or on deferred suspension from University housing are ineligible to participate in an NYU Steinhardt study abroad program during the period of their probation and/or deferred status. Students who have been suspended, withdrawn, or dismissed from the University, or who have been dismissed or suspended from University housing, are ineligible to participate in a Steinhardt study abroad program. Should a student's admission to a Steinhardt study abroad program be revoked as a result of disciplinary action or conduct violation, NYU will not be responsible for refunding any expenses incurred in preparation for the intended study abroad program.

Students are responsible for reviewing and understanding the University student conduct process, which includes policies and procedures applicable to ALL students. 

University Leave Status

Students who have been on leave from the University must return to the New York City campus and successfully complete one academic semester (Fall or Spring) of full-time course work before enrolling in a Steinhardt study abroad program.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Rights (FERPA) 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) was enacted to protect the privacy of students' education records, to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their education records, and to provide students with an opportunity to have inaccurate or misleading information in their education records corrected. New York University has adopted its policies and procedures.

Non-Credit Participation

A non-credit option is available, on an exception-only, space-available basis.

In lieu of tuition, non-credit students pay the following fee, directly to the Office of Global Affairs by credit/debit card payment:

  • 3-4 credit course: $2,500
  • 5+ credit course: $3,900

Non-credit participants are also charged a Housing & Activity Fee billed through NYU Bursar. These fees vary by program; see the January, Spring Break, and Summer program listings for program-specific cost information.

Additionally, non-credit participants are responsible for out-of-pocket expenses such as round-trip airfare, airport transfers, daily meals and incidentals, passport fees, visa fees, vaccinations, etc.

Attendance Policy

Students admitted to a Steinhardt Global Affairs short-term graduate program are required to attend all pre-departure sessions and class meetings (pre, during, and post-travel) as scheduled unless otherwise noted as an optional activity. Failure to attend required meetings may reflect negatively on your final grade or possibly result in your withdrawal from the program.

Refund Policy

Housing and Activities Fees

The Office of Global Affairs arranges housing and activities for every student enrolled in its courses. A fee, which is subsidized by the Office of Global Affairs and charged via your Bursar e-bill, provides shared-occupancy housing for the full course dates and participation in all required activities listed on the itinerary. This housing and activity fee will not be refunded within one month of the program start date, except under exceptional circumstances. Refund requests after these dates must be put in writing to the Office of Global Affairs at, providing justification. The Office of Global Affairs reserves the right to deny any requests. No refund will be granted after the start date of the program. 


Steinhardt Global Affairs’ credit-bearing courses incur tuition, registration, and services fees at the regular NYU Steinhardt rate for graduate courses. Refunds are subject to the NYU Office of the Bursar's Refund Schedule


Students purchase their own flights to and from program destinations. Students should refrain from purchasing not purchase airline tickets until they have been instructed to do so by the Office of Global Affairs. Please review any ticket's policy before purchasing it. If a student withdraws from a course, they are responsible for any airfare charges incurred.

Financial Aid

Current Students

Financial aid may be loans, grants, scholarships, and other awards from various sources. Each award may have restrictions on when it may be used. Please confirm with the office that issued your award that the funds may be applied to a study abroad course. 

January and spring break courses count toward students’ spring term course loads and any financial aid as determined by the NYU Office of Financial Aid. 

Summer courses are eligible for financial aid if the student is taking at least six credits for that term.

Visiting students

Per federal regulations, visiting students are not eligible for financial aid through NYU. Visiting students should contact the financial aid office at their home institution regarding financial aid options.

Please visit NYU Steinhardt's financial aid page for specific details.

Visitors Policy

Students are prohibited from bringing guests into housing accommodations. There are no exceptions. Violation of this policy can result in immediate dismissal from the program. 

Health Policy

The Office of Global Affairs is committed to the health and safety of all our program participants. The NYU Student Health Center reviews the Steinhardt Global Affairs rosters and will reach out to a student directly if its health professionals identify any reason to discuss their participation in a study abroad program. The Office of Global Affairs recommends that all students have a general physical done well in advance of departure to identify and address any conditions that may impact their study abroad experience. Students should also confirm that all of their routine immunizations are up to date. If specific immunizations are required for travel, the Office of Global Affairs will inform students. Students who require academic/housing accommodations or special services should register with the NYU Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Student Accessibility. The Moses Center will work with a student and Global Affairs to arrange approved accommodations. This process should begin as early as possible to allow time for adequate planning.

International Health Insurance

For all programs based outside of the United States, Steinhardt Global Affairs enrolls all students in international health insurance through GeoBlue. Services provided include accident and sickness insurance, physician recommendations, medical translation guides, emergency medical evacuations, and more. Coverage can be reviewed via the GeoBlue Student Member Guide.

University Student Conduct Policy

Steinhardt Global Affairs expects all students to read and understand the following University policies, which remain in effect during global courses:

International Laws

NYU portal campuses (NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi) and Global Academic Centers (e.g. NYU London) may enact additional supplemental policies and/or alternative language to provide clarity and context, to ensure compliance with local law and customs. In the event of a conflict between these policies and a supplemental policy enacted at an NYU global site, the latter shall be controlling.

Faculty, staff, and students should be aware that in addition to the university sanctions, all program participants are subject to the local laws of the host country, which may specify fines or imprisonment for conviction of offenses. When appropriate or necessary, NYU will cooperate fully with international law enforcement agencies. Inform yourself about the laws of the host country, particularly in regard to controlled substances.

Immediate Suspension

If a student's behavior presents an imminent threat to their own physical or emotional health, safety, or well-being, or the health, safety, or well-being of others, the maintenance of public order, or the effective continuation of the educational process, the director may immediately suspend the student from the program prior to any formal disciplinary proceeding. The director shall promptly advise the Dean of the school in which the student is enrolled, and the designated representative from the Office of Global Affairs. The student will be responsible for arranging their own return travel arrangements or alternate housing arrangements. The student will not be able to take a grade of Incomplete in the course, nor will he or she receive any refund for the course. Typically, the grade entered on the transcript will be F.

NYU Housing Abroad

The Office of Global Affairs arranges housing accommodations for all students enrolled in its courses. We strongly recommend that students stay in university-provided housing for safety and student life reasons. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis if a student wishes to reside with family members who live in the local area. Exceptions must be requested via <<XX>> Students who are approved for non-NYU housing are expected to attend all scheduled course activities. The course schedules are intensive and may include full-day activities. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the NYU-arranged hotel and classroom space.  

If approved, students will need to complete the New York University Housing Waiver and Release Form. 

Contact Information

Office of Global Affairs
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
82 Washington Square East, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 992-9380