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January and Spring Break

Graduate Study Abroad

Taken in January or during your spring break, these intensive, graduate-level study abroad courses count toward your Spring course load and tuition — any financial aid you receive for the Spring semester will apply. Courses are open to graduate students at all NYU schools and most are open to senior-level undergraduates with permission of the instructor. Students at other universities may also receive credit where applicable, and professionals are welcome to apply.

January 2020 Programs

Cuba: International Issues in Nutrition and Food

Examine the complexities of nutrition and food systems in Cuba.

Dominican Republic: Culture and Language Learning in Real Time

This January, gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of culture and its relationship to language.

India: Global Perspectives in Higher Education

Explore India's higher education system as a case study.

Israel: Developing Assistive Technology

This multidisciplinary course uses Tel Aviv as a site for students from a variety of backgrounds to work together to learn about and develop assistive technology, as well as cultivate a better understanding of the people being served.

Israel: Physical Therapy in a Global Context

Join your classmates in Tel Aviv for two weeks this January. Students will experience the varied cultural aspects of service delivery in an Israeli context.

Puerto Rico: Theatre Practices

Explore broad questions about theatre and its practice in aesthetic and applied settings.

Spain: From Surveillance to Sousveillance

Surveillance, looking from above, is the right to inspect exercised by the society of control that cross-cuts CCTV cameras, biometrics, drone planes, border checkpoints, Amazon-Facebook algorithms, architectural design and the fashioning of historical memory and forgetfulness.

Trinidad: Physical Therapy in a Global Context

This experience is a travel extension of the Clinical Observation II and IV course. The purpose is to analyze the clinical performance of experienced practitioners in a non-US setting.

Uganda: Dance Education

Learning how to teach, create, and perform dance and to build community – through the lens of another culture.

UK: Global Music Management

Learn to make music business expansion plans for all sizes and types of music companies in a global context by applying market-trend data, sensitivity to local cultures, and knowledge of a wide range of music.

UK: Comparative Perspectives on Autism and Well-Being

This course examines literature and research findings for evidence that supports the treatment of children and youth with autism in a variety of settings.

Spring Break 2020 Programs

Argentina: Cross-Cultural Counseling

This course is designed to provide graduate students in the helping and allied professions with an introduction to multicultural and cross-cultural counseling.

Ghana: Multicultural and Professional Issues in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Using Accra, Ghana as a case study, this course is designed to improve students' effectiveness as clinicians to work with diverse clients.

UK: Creative Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries have grown rapidly over the past 15 years attracting the attention of non-profit arts leaders, government officials, and cultural entrepreneurs.

Washington, D.C.: Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Policy

There is little dispute that federal policy enabled the development of a food system that produces inexpensive food and created a host of external costs.