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January and Spring Break Abroad

Graduate Study Abroad Opportunities

The University is continuing to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on future travel. In the event that travel is not possible, Steinhardt Global Affairs will work with faculty on a case-by-case basis to explore alternatives.

These intensive January or spring break, graduate-level study abroad courses count toward your course load and financial aid for those terms.

Courses are open to graduate students at all NYU schools and most are open to senior-level undergraduates with permission of the instructor. Non NYU students and professionals holding a bachelor's degree or higher are also welcome to apply.

Applications for January and Spring Break 2022 are now open!

January 2022 Programs (Tentative)

Dominican Republic: Culture and Language Learning in Real-Time

This January, gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of culture and its relationship to language.

France: Race and Media

Examine the history and role of media technologies and infrastructures in shaping the racial grammar that constricts ‘knowledge’ about and inequities of modern capitalist urban life in Paris and its banlieues.

Ghana: Multicultural and Professional Issues in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Students will examine the intersectionality of race, gender, religion, and other aspects of culture and discover how they can use their knowledge of culture to become better clinicians.

Los Angeles, CA: Radical Pedagogies & Arts-Based Organizing

Students will explore and analyze transformational facets of art-making in the localized context of Los Angeles, CA.

Israel: Physical Therapy in a Global Context

Join your classmates in Tel Aviv for two weeks this January. Students will experience the varied cultural aspects of service delivery in an Israeli context.

Trinidad & Tobago: Physical Therapy in a Global Context

This experience is a travel extension of the Clinical Observation II and IV course. The purpose is to analyze the clinical performance of experienced practitioners in a non-US setting.

Uganda: Dance Education

Learn how to teach, create, and perform dance and to build community – through the lens of another culture.

United Kingdom: Comparative Perspectives on Autism and Well-Being

This course examines literature and research findings for evidence that supports the treatment of children and youth with autism in a variety of settings.

United Kingdom: Global Music Management

Learn to make music business expansion plans for all sizes and types of music companies in a global context by applying market-trend data, sensitivity to local cultures, and knowledge of a wide range of music.

Spring Break 2022 Programs (Tentative)

Germany: Cross-Cultural Counseling

This course is designed to provide graduate students in the helping and allied professions with an introduction to multicultural and cross-cultural counseling.

Ghana: Global Perspectives in Higher Education

Explore Ghana's higher education system as a case study through lectures from scholars and visits to Ghanaian colleges and universities.

United Kingdom: Creative Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries have grown rapidly over the past 15 years attracting the attention of non-profit arts leaders, government officials, and cultural entrepreneurs.

Washington, D.C.: Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Policy

There is little dispute that federal policy enabled the development of a food system that produces inexpensive food and created a host of external costs.

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