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International Development and Education

Remote Global Learning Course

How do local and international actors think about the role of education in international development, and how does this translate to practice? What are the practical challenges and opportunities of implementing education programming in the global south? What programs and approaches are most successful and why?

Participants in this online summer intensive course will attempt to find answers to these questions while also contemplating the specific challenges and opportunities that face organizations in the time of COVID-19. Through discussions with professionals in the field, student interviews with international practitioners, and case studies from multiple countries, students will learn how international development education actors engage in their work, reflect on the importance of flexibility and context, and deepen their understanding of education and international development. 

Elisabeth King

Associate Professor of International Education

Remote Learning Format

Program Dates:

Program Start: June 1st, 2021

Program End: June 11th, 2021

(Meeting Pattern will be determined)

Registration Deadline:
  • Registration Opens: April 12, 2021
  • Registration Ends: May 23, 2021*

Current NYU students can self-register for our remote global learning courses, per the NYU Academic Calendar for Summer 2021.

Visiting students must submit a request form to be approved and receive further instructions from a Global Affairs staff on registration.

Don't forget to meet with your academic advisor to ensure that this course count towards your degree requirements.

*Registration continues thereafter by request to on a space-available basis

Who Can Participate:
  • NYU graduate students
  • NYU undergraduates
    • 96+ earned credits by course start date
    • related coursework
    • approval from the faculty director as well as their adviser
  • Non-NYU graduate students and professionals who are not enrolled at an academic institution
Related Areas of Study:
  • Education and Social Policy
  • History of Education
  • International Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Teaching and Learning

This is not a complete list. We value diverse perspectives in our programs and encourage students from other majors and professions.


Students register for the following Summer 2021 course number for a total of 3 points:

  • INTE-GE 2862 Section 099 (Class # XXXX) - International Development Education (3 points)

Offered through the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

Important Note: All program applicants are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser to determine if and how this course may be applied towards their program requirements and degree completion.

A draft course syllabus and itinerary for this program are available upon request to


Elisabeth King, Associate Professor of International Education


Standard tuition, registration, and services fees apply and will be due based on the NYU Bursar's Payment Schedule for Summer 2021.

Estimated Direct Cost Total - $6,263

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