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Percussionists on stage

Percussion Summer Programs

The NYU Steinhardt Percussion summer program is dedicated to bringing the finest and most unique seminars to participants from around the world. 

NYU Broadway Percussion Seminar

A four-day intensive study of the skills, experience, and know-how of the world of Broadway percussion.

Sandbox Percussion Seminar

This workshop will not be offered in summer 2023. Through daily rehearsals, coachings, and workshops, participants will develop core chamber music skills, and learn to create a 21st-century musical career.

The NYU Broadway Percussion Seminar will offer the opportunity to meet and work with leading top percussionists, contractors, and conductors working on Broadway. Throughout the week sessions will cover a variety of topics including: the drum set and percussion books for multiple Broadway shows, setup and technical advice, use of the most up to date technology, candid and sage advice for creating a career as a Broadway musician, subbing on Broadway, and a unique session with Local 802 musicians union leadership. Participants will be sent a variety of materials for their personal study, such as scores, pit recordings, and conductor videos.

The NYU Sandbox Percussion Seminar will feature topics ranging from practice and rehearsal techniques, to entrepreneurship advice for creating a career in the arts. The art of chamber music making is ultimately about fluency and freedom. Through chamber music, students will learn the ultimate set of skills to not merely survive but thrive in the 21st century.

Application Deadlines

Broadway Percussion Seminar

Application Deadline: April 15

Sandbox Percussion Seminar

Priority Application Deadline: February 25
Final Application Deadline: May 27

Summer 2023 Application