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Internship Credit

Media, Culture, and Communication


You must register for internship credit prior to the Drop/Add deadline of each semester. The Fall 2024 deadline is Friday, August 30th, by 5pm. Late submissions will not be registered for the internship.

NOTE: Remote positions are only allowed for companies that are headquartered in the United States. You cannot intern through this program if you are at a study away site. Please contact the office of Global Programs if you are interested in internship opportunities while studying away.

Students can register for either a two-credit internship (section 001) or a four-credit internship (section 002). Graduate students may also register for 1 or 3 credits both with the same respective work hour and class-work requirement. Please see below for minimum required hours.

Credit to Hours Worked Ratio
2 credits = 90 hours worked (minimum, not maximum)
4 credits = 180 hours worked (minimum, not maximum)

To enroll in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication's internship course (Undergraduate MCC-UE 1100) or Graduate (MCC-GE 2235) titled Internship, please do the following, in order:

Step One 

Determine if you are eligible to intern for credit. And if so, how many credits you would like to take towards the internship. See the eligibility requirements.

Step Two 

Find an internship. You can do so by using any and all resources available to you including, NYU Wasserman and MCC's own Internship Database. Read our career search advice.

Step Three

Once you have received and accepted an offer, registering for an internship will require that you complete the Fall 2024 Internship Registration Form online and the Internship Agreement Form (automatically sent to your employer after you complete the registration form). The Internship Agreement Form requires an original signature from your employer; ideally you should meet with the internship supervisor before you complete the registration form, in order to discuss specific dates and responsibilities of your internship. This is designed to create an opportunity for you and your employer to discuss goals for the internship and facilitate a clear line of communication in terms of expectations.

Step Four

Once MCC has received both the student and the supervisor's forms, the Internship Coordinator will register you in the MCC Credited Internship Course. Please note that once you are enrolled in the Credited Internship Course, summer students will be billed per credit and fall/spring students will have the internship credit added to their existing course load.

Step Five (International Students Only)

Once you are fully registered for the internship course, you must submit a request to OGS for an I-20 authorizing you for CPT.  You can list MCC's Internship Coordinator, Olivia Battinelli (omb5979) on the CPT request to confirm your academic progress. Please note that the dates of the internship and the CPT authorization must fall within the dates of the internship course. This means that you may not work before the CPT start date or after the CPT end date listed on your I-20. For more information please contact OGS

Providing Proof of Internship Registration to Your Employer

Occasionally, employers will request that students obtain a letter from the University verifying that the student's internship is registered for credit. There are three types of letters typically requested:

Eligibility Letter

This letter states that you are eligible to receive credit for an internship. A student may present this letter to their internship host before they are registered if they meet the department's eligibility requirements. If the company requires that you receive credit, you may want to bring a copy of this letter to your interview. You can request an "Eligibility Letter" by emailing

Credit Confirmation Letter

Once you are registered for the internship, you may be required to provide proof that your internship is officially registered with New York University. To request this letter, please send an email to and include the name of your employer, the contact person to whom the letter should be addressed, and the email of your employer. This letter can usually be sent within one business day.

Sponsorship Letter

This letter can be used by MCC student for employers who accept a letter of sponsorship or acknowledgment of your internship. The letter verifies that you are a student in our department and that you have informed the school of your internship. The letter also confirms that the internship is relevant to your academic goals and that the school supports your internship. It does not state that you are registered for academic credit. Some, but not all, companies can accept a sponsorship letter in lieu of a credit confirmation letter. 


Internship Evaluation Standards

There are three components to earning an internship grade:

  1. The Reflections and Critical Analysis Questions: each student will reflect and answer questions analyzing different aspects of their internship through the lens of an MCC student (50% of your grade).  
  2. The Mandatory Introductory Workshop & NYU Classes Forum Discussions: the instructor will review the required discussion and all pertinent information. Students will also participate in forum discussions on NYU Classes throughout the semester to foster community (20% of your grade).
  3. The Supervisor Evaluation Form & Internship Evaluation Form: these forms should be turned in at the end of the semester (30% of your grade). Please plan ahead in order to give your supervisor time to fill this out. This form will be emailed directly to your supervisor.