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Jade Ma

MA in Human Development Research and Policy Student

Name: Jade Ma

Preferred Email:

Hometown: Marbella, Spain

BA institution and degree: BA in Philosophy, (CAS) NYU

MA institution and degree: MA in HDRP, (Steinhardt) NYU

Research Interests: 

I have two primary interests in research; firstly the development of children in the foster care system, specifically finding what works and what does not and creating an intervention that helps both staff and shareholders to ameliorate deteriorating conditions. My other interest is in the education system in low-income countries, specifically how to promote quality instruction and improve the rates of students finishing a middle/high school education.

Career Goals: 

My current goal is to work for a non-governmental organization focusing on development in early childhood, especially focusing on those in lower income countries. Ultimately I would like to return to academia and continue growing foundational knowledge I have acquire throughout this program and the subsequent years in the work force.

Why HDRP? 

There were a variety of reasons for choosing this program, the primary being the dual focus on academics and professional development; it supports students in exploring their particular research interests while simultaneously providing professional experiences and opportunities.