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Angela Zhao

MA in Human Development Research and Policy Student

Name: Angela Zhao

Preferred Email:

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

BA institution and degree: BS in Applied Psychology, New York University

MA institution and degree: n/a

Research Interests: 

I am interested in the social-emotional and identity development of adolescents and young adults from minority backgrounds, especially in the context of school and the school environment. The application of research, whether it be through policy or dissemination, is an important area of concern to me as I continually grapple with the question: how does knowledge translate to impact?

Career Goals: 

I am excited about careers where I can combine my interest in the process of research with my passion for social change, whether that be through work in government agencies, non-profits, or research teams.

Why HDRP? 

For me, the HDRP program offers me the chance to chase my curiosity about advanced skills in research and data analysis while pursuing the research areas I'm most passionate about!