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Student Testimonials

South Africa: Education and Social Reform

Examine how social and educational reforms influence access and equity issues in education through fieldwork.

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Brazil: Race, Class, and Equity in Higher Education

This course analyzes the emergence and impact of race- and social-class-based affirmative action policies in Brazil, placing the Brazilian situation in the context of contemporary debates about equity and higher education.

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India - Global Perspectives in Higher Education

A 12 day study trip to India designed to examine India's colleges and universities through site visits and meetings with students, faculty, college leaders and policy researchers. Focus will be on how the higher education system supports the needs of Indian society.

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Ghana: Global Perspectives in Higher Education

Explore Ghana's higher education system as a case study through a deep dive into the local educational context.

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South Africa

Miguel Silva

Name: Miguel Silva (M.A. 2019)

Participating in the South Africa course was by far the highlight of my graduate studies at Steinhardt. From cultural experiences with the Zulu people in KwaZulu-Natal to visiting several schools with varying education models, the program allowed me to gain a broader understanding of the education system in South Africa. Being able to engage directly with South African students from different backgrounds at the University of Pretoria was an enriching part of my experience. Understanding the educational and social reforms the country has gone through in the past 30 years has shed a light into the history of South Africa and its people, while simultaneously leaving me to ponder about what is to come in the next 30 years. 

Leonora Cardenas

Name: Leonora Cardenas (M.A. 2019)

Studying abroad in South Africa was nothing short of extraordinary, insightful, thought-provoking, and profoundly enriching. Every event welcomed an opportunity for learning, not only about educational and social reform in South Africa, post-apartheid, but about the country’s rich history and culture. Being immersed in this environment for a month afforded me the time and space for in-depth self-reflection and exploring my own capacity of social agency in this world. We interacted with Zulu royalty, engaged with students from a rural village in Durban, toured the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, and occasionally enjoyed the vibrant night life in Pretoria. These are just a few of the countless memories I have that really are a testament to how much South Africa and the United States have in common.


Beth Markowitz

Name:  Beth Markowitz (Ed.D. 2020)

Studying abroad in Brazil was one of the highlights of my doctoral education. A large part of this course is learning about the culture and the people of Brazil and I couldn’t have asked for better mentors than the professors. The course content was on affirmative action in Brazil, which is very different than in the US. We visited colleges, a high school, and black activists across the country. One of the most impactful experiences was speaking with the students at the Steve Biko Institute, which instills self-esteem by helping students form a black identity and learn about their Afro-Brazilian roots. I will never forget this trip, the people of Brazil, the professors, or the students!

Hah-neef Mack

Name: Hah-neef Mack (Ed.D. 2020)

Engaging with Brazilian educators, activists and students over the course of three weeks in Sao Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro was awe-inspiring.  Viewing race in Brazil through the lens of the United States allowed students to contextualize the issues in Brazilian society and draw us closer towards social issues that transcend education.  The itinerary was intentional and the diversity of my Steinhardt colleagues enhanced our experience, allowing every encounter to be educational irrespective of our individual academic concentrations.  It was a memorable experience that I would recommend for all Steinhardt students.


Samantha Nelson

Name: Samantha Nelson (M.A. 2021)

Having the opportunity to study abroad in three different cities to learn about the organizational structures and student experience at various higher education institutions in India will be with me for the rest of my life. This trip taught me the vast differences in higher education institutions worldwide. In contrast, the student experience is often very similar; the complex culture and intricacies of the student experience in India were eye-opening. We also learned about the diversity in culture, religion, and geographic location which was equally, if not more, impactful. Traveling with Steinhardt students is something I am also eternally grateful for. We have all graduated and are scattered across the country, but we still keep in touch and will forever have a trip that changed all of our lives.

Jermaine Graham

Name: Jermaine Graham (M.A. 2020)

Studying abroad in India was a highlight of my time in the HESA program. It was great learning about the variety of higher education institutions across India through first-person accounts from students, administrators, and policy researchers, all of whom were eager to talk with us and share their perspectives. Having an opportunity to experience the vastness of Indian culture through higher ed and our tours of Mumbai, Kerala, and New Delhi was invaluable. For me, one of the surprises of the trip was the new bonds explored between both HESA classmates and fellow Steinhardt students. Those continued relationships are a testament to the connections we made.


Danielle Cooper

Name: Danielle Cooper (M.A. 2021)

Working full-time as well as being a part-time student in the HESA program I never imagined I would have the opportunity to study abroad...until the HESA program added the opportunity, Global Perspectives in Higher Education in Ghana! This course was offered during spring break, so it made taking time off work more manageable.  We visited several institutions from technical schools to private universities, as well as public universities. We sat, ate, and talked with students to learn about them and their institutions.  We also had the opportunity to explore each campus, the streets of Accra, the Castles of Elmina Ghana, and learn about the historical and cultural history. This was a tremendous opportunity and one I highly recommend!!

Danielle Cristal

Name: Danielle Cristal (M.A. 2019)

It was really a unique opportunity to learn about Ghana and get to know its people through the lens of the higher education system. In the span of a week, we were all engulfed in the history and the culture through the education system and the experiences of the trip. Being able to spend such a significant amount of time one-on-one with students throughout the school visits really helped to better understand their experiences within higher ed as we compared it to how we experienced our own higher education institutions. In addition to getting to know Ghana, seeing the beautiful country, and traveling to Cape Coast, it was a wonderful way to get to know my NYU classmates from across Steinhardt.