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Higher and Postsecondary Education

Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs: Current Students

Tucker Chorpening

Name: Tucker Chorpening 

Program: Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A. (2024)

Current Position: Graduate Intern for First-Year Experience, Fordham University - Lincoln Center

“Enrolling in this program immediately following graduation from my undergraduate career has allowed me an irreplaceable opportunity to seek adventure in a new city, expand my professional network amongst some of the most important actors in higher education currently, and smoothly transition from academia into an exemplary professional work environment. Having entered into one of the most esteemed Higher Education programs in the country in one of the most idolized cities in the world, I can confidently say I would not have been able to do so without the holistic support of this program and its administrators. Faculty prioritize the students, and this is seen in the plethora of professional development opportunities made available to members of the HESA community at NYU, as well as through the tailored and engaging coursework. Higher education offers so many avenues to explore, and in conversation with my peers of the program, operational administrators of the program, and the communities I have found within the city, I feel supported in exploring these avenues in a way that allows me flexibility and creativity.”

Brooke Kahan

Name: Brooke Kahan

Program: Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A. (2024)

Current Position: Residential Life Assistant at NYU Office of Residential Life & Housing Services

“The Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) program here at NYU is unparalleled. My experience has been nothing short of incredible, thanks to the diverse perspectives we have in the program. I have seen myself and my peers grow with one another, both personally and professionally. We have been given, and have worked for, many different opportunities and new experiences that have aided in our growth. I am excitedly challenged by the faculty to take the leap and bring my full self to the world. I must also share that my concurrent experience in my assistantship has been absolutely wonderful, due to the sheer amount of support, kindness, and guidance provided to me. The HESA program has fostered an environment that embodies what it means to be a leader, an educator, and a friend.”

Hazara Leon

Name: Hazara Leon

Program: Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A. (2024)

Current position(s): Graduate Assistant for the MLK Scholars Program for Civic Engagement & Experiential Learning

“The HESA program proudly holds a community of faculty and students. All of whom come from diverse backgrounds and with amazing experiences, research interests, and future goals in the field of education. The support I have received throughout my time here and the extensive network I have gained makes me feel empowered and has given me the foundation I need to begin my career in higher education."


Name: Hamna Younas

Program: Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.A. (2024)

Current Position: Graduate Assistant for Service and Civic Engagement at NYU’s Center for Student Life Hamna Younas

“This master's program has taught me to be more culturally competent and to work towards fostering inclusive spaces where all students can thrive. I’ve been able to apply concepts and theories learned in class to real world experiences in my assistantship. I have had the chance to work at various universities and colleges, gaining real-world experience that has been instrumental in my professional development. NYU's extensive network of alumni and industry connections has also opened doors to valuable networking opportunities and job prospects. Nonetheless, this program has provided me with a comprehensive and well-rounded education that has prepared me for a successful career in the field of higher education and student affairs.”

Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs: Alumni

Daniel Esquivel

Name: Daniel Esquivel
Degree: MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs (2011)
Current position: Program Manager, NYU Los Angeles
The most valuable aspect of the program has been “the opportunity to better examine international education both in the classroom and on-ground through robust study away experiences that enhance critical thinking, community development, and a deeper context for the importance of student support.”

Juan San Taveras

Name: Juan San Taveras
Degree: MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs (2020)
Current position: Operations Administrator, NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools
“The master's program allows you to explore and unmask your true potential and purpose. I have discovered a whole new lens of why I love what I do, and I enjoy being able to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion.”

Molly Cravens

Name: Molly Cravens
Degree: MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs (2020)
Current position: Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Oberlin College
“The master's program is incredibly diverse. In addition to having faculty from a variety of backgrounds and research areas, my peers had a wide array of professional and personal experiences that brought a mixture of opinions to the classroom and enriched my education.”

EdD in Higher Education Administration: Current Students

Marisa Mariano

Name: Marisa Mariano
Degree: EdD in Higher Education Administration (2022)
Current position: Director of Student Affairs, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
“The cohort model, supportive faculty, and curriculum content was the perfect combination for my professional journey. The conversations with both faculty and my cohort not only expanded my knowledge around student development, policy, and scholarly research, but also deepened my passion for working in student affairs and higher education.”

Elisabeth Weir

Name: Elisabeth Weir
Degree: EdD in Higher Education Administration (2021)
Current position: Director, Office of Executive Education, International Programs & Strategic Initiatives, NYU School of Professional Studies
The most valuable aspect of the program has been “developing research skills to explore the urgent practical issues facing higher education in our current environment.”

Vineet Chander

Name: Vineet Chander
Degree: EdD in Higher Education Administration (2022)
Current position: Coordinator for Hindu Life and Hindu Chaplain, Princeton University
”I was expecting to encounter thoughtful and brilliant classmates (and I have!) but I didn't realize how much they would genuinely become friends, as well. It is a blessing to know that members of my cohort have my back and I have theirs.”    

EdD in Higher Education Administration: Alumni

Danielle Mebert

Name: Danielle Mebert
Degree: EdD in Higher Education Administration (2020)
Current position: Manager of Academic Advising, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
“While I assumed pursuing a doctorate would entail a lot of solo reading and lots of writing, I met two lifelong friends in the program. We were there to bolster us academically, could bounce professional hypotheticals amongst each other, and became each other's best sounding boards. I hoped to find colleagues with similar academic, research, and professional interests; I feel particularly lucky to have found people I can call upon as colleagues and also friends for the duration of my career and beyond.”
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Hah-neef Mack

Name: Hah-neef Mack
Degree: EdD in Higher Education Administration (2020)
Current Position: Assistant Director, NY School of Law Office of Student Financial Services
“The combination of curriculum content and faculty both pushed my level of comfort as a learner and allowed me to explore the past, present, and future of higher education within my research. Working at a professional school is a sobering reminder that despite significant educational advances, student diversity in higher education remains a challenge that we must continue to address. I view my experience within Steinhardt’s Higher Ed program as an invitation to continue to contribute to the wealth of research and practice that guided me during my tenure as a student.”

Will Simpkins

Name: Will Simpkins
Degree: EdD in Higher Education Administration (2016)
Current Position: Vice President for Student Affairs, Metropolitan State University of Denver
“I consistently draw on two aspects of my NYU Steinhardt experience – engaging in public policy conversations using scholarship and philosophy, and the connections that grew out of my cohort-mates and the outstanding faculty. Whether I am speaking in front of the Colorado state legislature or developing grant proposals, the knowledge and relationships I gained from NYU are the keys to my success.” 

PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education: Current Students

Peter Arena

Name: Peter Arena
Degree: PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education
Current Position: Associate Director, Budget Financial Planning and Analysis, Office of Budget and Planning, New York University
“Led by supportive faculty and consisting of thoughtful colleagues, this program has given me invaluable exposure to the many critical issues facing higher education and the tools to develop my own research to contribute to the field.”

Suzanne Lyons

Name: Suzanne Lyons
Degree: PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education (2023)
Current Position: Research Assistant and Program Associate, The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy
“The diversity of experiences and interests among my peers, and across our courses, continues to deepen my understanding of issues feeding into and through the higher education system. The opportunity to then apply this knowledge through research alongside dedicated faculty has bolstered my commitment to bridging research, policy, and practice in the field.”

Tim Carroll

Name: Tim Carroll
Degree: PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education (2022)
Current position: Fellow, IES Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program
"I've learned so much from the opportunity to work closely with faculty and fellow students on a range of research projects. Collaborating with my advisor and colleagues at NYU and beyond has helped me advance my analytical skills, build an understanding of the writing and publication process, and refine how I approach my own research interests."

PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education: Alumni

Drew Allen

Name: Drew Allen
Degree: PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education (2015)
Current position: Associate Vice President, Institutional Data Analytics at Georgetown University; Adjunct Faculty at NYU
“The doctoral program's most valuable aspect is the diverse community of faculty, students, and alumni who all share a common passion for higher education. Steinhardt's intellectual community – representing researchers and practitioners from all types of higher education contexts and locales – exposed me to many new ideas and research inspirations. I still rely on many of the people I met in my doctoral program for continuing inspiration and professional growth.”

Maurice Shirley

Name: Maurice Shirley
Degree: PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education (2019), MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs (2012)
Current position: Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Indiana University Bloomington
“The most valuable aspect of the program is its emphasis on diversity, policy, and effecting change in higher education. This emphasis helped cultivate my work in researching and advocating for underrepresented students on college and university campuses across the nation.“

Victoria Ballerini

Name: Victoria Ballerini
Degree: PhD in Higher and Postsecondary Education (2018)
Current position: Research Associate, Research for Action
“The program exposed me to the most important conversations in the higher ed field. I had many opportunities to engage with and learn from different folks, including the brilliant members of my cohort, academics, policymakers, and institutional leaders. These in-depth exchanges with different stakeholders gave me the opportunity to develop and nurture my own voice in the field.”