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Dr. Andrew Ribner

Developmental Psychology Alumni

Dr. Andy Ribner is a postdoctoral scholar in the Kids' Thinking Lab at the University of Pittsburgh under Dr. Melissa Libertus, where he studies relations between the development of children's mathematical cognition and math learning in and out of the classroom settings and the role of self-regulatory skills in the learning process. He is also interested in the antecedents and consequences of electronic screen-based media use in young children. He worked in the Neuroscience and Education Lab with Clancy Blair and the Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education with Cathie Tamis-LeMonda.

What year did you graduate? 2019

Principal advisor/mentor during your time in your program? Clancy Blair

Undergraduate Major/College: Psychology, Education/Wesleyan University

What was the best class you took as an AP student? Most of the stats courses, theories of change, emotion regulation, self-regulation

What was the most influential part of your experience in your program? The other students in the program, opportunities to work with multiple faculty

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share with prospective students? Take advantage of all the fantastic peers in the program and the wonderful networking activities provided!

What was your first job after you graduated? Postdoctoral Associate; University of Pittsburgh

Do you have any advice for people interested in a similar career path?

Networking matters! Get to know folks in your field (and take advantage of NYU's conference funding, colloquia, and speaker series to do so).