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Jennifer Astuto

Clinical Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

(212) 992-9483

Jennifer Astuto is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology and Director of the Human Development & Social Intervention Master's Program in Applied Psychology at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, & Human Development.

Dr. Astuto is a developmental psychologist who examines how civic engagement, school readiness, and learning develops and is supported for children living in ethnically and racially diverse and/or immigrant communities. Professor Astuto received her doctorate in developmental psychology from the Graduate Center, City University of New York, her master’s degree in Mental Health & Counseling from NYU Steinhardt and her bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Science at NYU.

By conducting basic and applied research Astuto examines the unique and critical role of play in children’s lives. Cultivating strong partnerships with the communities she works in, Astuto and her team generate empirically driven knowledge that is culturally relevant and socially just. Astuto aims to produce actionable research and develop collaborations that are used to empower and strengthen the lives of young children through education and policy. She uses various methodological approaches, including RCTs, multi-level modeling, interviewing and ethnographic methods. Astuto’s most recent research, supported by the Spencer Foundation, employs a multi-method design aimed to develop a measure of civic engagement for young children. To learn more about her work visit playLabNYU


Human Development and Social Intervention

The Human Development and Social Intervention program prepares students to pursue careers as research project directors, research coordinators, and more.


HDSI Integrative Seminar

An integrated seminar for masters students working on independent study projects under the supervision of a faculty member. The seminar focuses on the process of psychological research & its application. Includes discussion of issues, problems, & questions related to field & research experiences. Student’s research projects culminate in an individually-produced comprehensive paper or capstone project.
Course #
APSY-GE 2335

Project Research Seminar I

In this seminar, students will acquire the foundational skills requisite to conducting research. The topics that will be addressed include conducting ethical social and behavioral research, participating in a research team, using library resources to identify relevant empirically-based articles, formulating a purpose statement, and drafting a literature review. This course is a prerequisite for APSY-GE 2838
Course #
APSY-GE 2837

Project Research Seminar II

A seminar, with particular emphasis on discussing & clarifying students’ research ideas & in enabling progress towards the second year project proposal. Emphasis on issues such as selecting & formulating a research problem, generating testable hypotheses, understanding the strengths & limitations of students’ selected methods & measures, & strategies for writing clear, concise, & compelling research proposals.
Course #
APSY-GE 2838

Special Topics in Applied Psychology: Workshop in Research Development

Provides intensive reviews of common methods of quantitative or qualitative data analysis, & methods of design or measurement used in psychological research. Organized as a series of multisession workshops to provide an overview of the basic assumptions underlying a specific method, strategies for conducting analyses, reading outputs, & interpreting findings. Workshops offered for variable points (0-6); & point values for each workshop will be determined by the Department of Applied Psychology.
Course #
APSY-GE 2686