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Bridget N. O'Connor

Professor Emerita of Higher Education

Administration, Leadership, and Technology


Bridget N. O'Connor, is Professor of Higher Education and Business Education. She is particularly interested in adult learners and in the transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace.

Professor O'Connor has published dozens of articles in Journal of Education for Business, Informing Science, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, and NABTE Review. She has also authored or coauthored numerous yearbook chapters for the NBEA Yearbook.

With colleagues from Australia and England, Professor O'Connor is an editor of the Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning (2011). She is also the co-author of several textbooks, including Learning at Work: How to Support Individual and Organizational Learning (HRD Press. 2007), Training for Organizations 2nd edition (Cincinnati: South-Western Educational Publishing Co., 2002), and End-user Information Systems: Implementing Individual and Work Group Technologies 2nd edition (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2002). These books are supplemented with CD-ROM and Web-based instructor's manuals.

She has been a leader in a variety of professional associations, including the SIG Workplace Learning of AERA, which she chaired in 2000-2001 where she was also on the AERA SIG Executive Board, the American Society for Training and Development; and the Organizational Systems Research Association (OSRA). In addition to being its journal editor, she has been OSRA's president, chaired its two national curriculum projects, and served as vice president for publications.

At New York University, she was elected by The Steinhardt School of Education faculty to serve as a member of the NYU Faculty Senators Council (FSC). She was the 2003 chair of the FSC, Chair of the NYU Academics Affairs Committee, Chair of Administrative Issues Committee, and an active member of numerous other committees. She has chaired the Steinhardt Committee on Courses and Programs, and has been Chair of Steinhardt's Teaching Awards Committee and was the Steinhardt representative to the University Graduate Commission.

Professor O'Connor has received numerous awards for her teaching, service, and scholarship. In 2009, she was the Steinhardt School's nominee for the NYU Distinguished Teaching Award. In January, 2006, she was a Fulbright Senior Specialist at Victoria Universityi in Melbourne, Australia Additionally, she was awarded the prestigious John Robert Gregg Award for her lifetime contributions to Business Education, the Elvin S. Eyster Award for Excellence in Business Education from Indiana University, the Professor of the Year Award from NYU's School of Education, and the Educator of the Year Award from both the Eastern Business Educational Association and the Business Education Association of Metropolitan New York.

She is the intake advisor and advisor for all students in the Business and Workplace Education MA Program (BEHE), the Post-Baccalaureate Advanced Certificate in Workplace Learning (BEWL), and the Advanced Certificate in Business and Workplace Education. She welcomes your inquiries!

Selected Publications

  • Malloch, M., Cairns, L., & O'Connor, B. N. (eds.) (in process). Sage Major Works: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. London: Sage Publications.
  • Fisher, C., & O’Connor, B. N. (2015) Informal learning in workplaces: Understanding learning culture as a challenge for organizational and individual development. Chapter 2 in Discourses on Professional Learning: On the Boundary between Learning and Work. Part of the Springer book series, Professional and Practice-based learning.
  • O'Connor, B. N. (2015). Book Review of David Thorton Moore's Engaged Learning in the Academy: Challenges and Possibilities. Journal of Education for Business. 90(2), 111-112.
  • O’Connor, B. N. (2013). Work-based learning: Initiatives and impact. Chapter 3 in Penna, L. (ed.) Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs in Metropolitan America. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • O'Connor, B. N., & Lynch, D. (2011). Partnerships between and among education and the public and private sectors. Chapter 29 in Malloch, Cairns, Evans & O'Connor (Eds.), The International Handbook of Workplace Learning. Sage Publications.
  • Marsick, V., Watkins, K., & O'Connor, B. N. (2011). Researching workplace learning in the United States. Chapter 14 in Malloch, Cairns, Evans & O'Connor (Eds.), The International Handbook of Workplace Learning. Sage Publications.
  • Malloch, M., Cairns, L., Evans, K., & O'Connor, B. N. (eds.) (2011). The Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning. London: Sage Publications, Ltd.
  • O’Connor, B. N. (2011). Perspectives on professional education in the United States. Work-based Learning e-Journal, 2(1) 44-64.
  • O'Connor, B. N. & Cordova, R. (2010). Learning: The experiences of adults who work full time while attending graduate school part time. Journal of Education for Business.


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