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NYU Steinhardt Welcomes Two New Faculty Members


NYU Steinhardt is excited to welcome two new scholars starting this Spring semester.

Huda Hassan will join the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, and Ruby Yu will work with the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions. 

Huda Hassan wearing a black turtleneck smiles at the camera

Huda Hassan

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication

Huda Hassan is a writer, scholar, and cultural critic whose work examines Black/African cultural expressions in diaspora. She draws on research methods from a range of disciplines to explore Black cultural and feminist studies, African diasporas, countercultures, and the politics of difference. Her writing has appeared in Pitchfork, Buzzfeed, and many other publications, and she has managed musical artists, contributed to documentary TV and films, and curated exhibits throughout the course of her career. Hassan obtained her PhD in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto, where she was a 2020 New College Doctoral Fellow. Her current research includes a qualitative study into the history of Somalis in 19th- and 20th-century New York and examinations of Black diasporic sensibilities shaping the 20th-century Harlem Renaissance.  

Learn more about Hassan and her work.

Ruby Yu

Visiting Assistant Professor of Performing Arts Administration

Youyou (Ruby) Yu is a scholar, educator, and practitioner in arts management. She received her PhD from Peking University, China, where the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 drew her attention to the emerging academic fields of crisis management and resilient development in the arts and culture. Prior to completing her dissertation, she served as a visiting scholar at NYU Steinhardt and as a dance educator and instructor. Yu is particularly interested in promoting art communication and engagement, audience development, and cultural access. In 2022, she was invited to deliver a series of art workshops and outreach projects to rural villages in Beijing in order to increase access to Chinese culture and arts and to promote rural revitalization, cultural justice, and creative placemaking through art engagement and education.

Learn more about Yu and her work.

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