Curriculum for MA in Music Education: For Schools, College, and Communities (36 Points)

Curriculum for MA in Music Education: For Schools, College, and Communities (36 Points)

For students with background in music or music education who wish to explore traditional and alternative opportunities in music education.

Requirements for MA portfolio


Course #Course Title Credits
MPAME-GE.2139 Music Education Philosophy 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2021 Music Reference and Research Materials 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2052 Community Music 3 pts.
MPAIA-GE 2010 The Arts in Human Development 3 pts.
MPAIA-GE.2029 Technology Resources For Performing Arts Educators 3 pts.

MUSIC EDUCATION ELECTIVES(selected from but not limited to) : 19 points

Course #Course Title Credits
MPAME-GE 2114 Music for the Exceptional Child 3 pts.
MPAME-GE 2035 Technological Trends in Music Education 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2116 Teaching Music Composition & Improvisation 2 pts.
MPAME-GE.2031 Creative Performance Opportunities in Music Education 1-3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2032 Music Education in Culture Contexts 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2130 Research in Music and Music Education 3 pts.
Kodály, Levels I, II, III (offered in summers only) 3 pts.
3 pts.
3 pts.
  Other courses within and outside the department by advisement  


Course #Course Title Credits
MPAME-GE.2___ Ensemble Participation (2 semesters required) 0-2 pts.
MPAME-GE-GE.2939 Colloquy in Music Education- required final two semesters
(Terminal Experience: Professional Practice Portfolio or Research Project)
2 points

Other Requirements: Successful completion of exams in Music Theory, Aural Training, and Music History, and any required remedial classes resulting from those exams.

* Departmental Placement Examination may require additional courses.

* Students must maintain an average grade of B or better in education courses required for certification.