Curriculum for MA in Music Education (36 Points)

Curriculum for MA in Music Education (36 Points)

For students with a background in music or music education who wish to explore traditional and alternative opportunities in music education.


Course #Course Title Credits
MPAME-GE.2139 Music Education Philosophy 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2021 Music Reference and Research Materials 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2052 Community Music 3 pts.
MPAIA-GE 2010 The Arts in Human Development 3 pts.
MPAIA-GE.2029 Technology Resources For Performing Arts Educators 3 pts.

MUSIC EDUCATION ELECTIVES(selected from but not limited to) : 19 points

Course #Course Title Credits
MPAME-GE 2114 Music for the Exceptional Child 3 pts.
MPAME-GE 2035 Technological Trends in Music Education 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2116 Teaching Music Composition & Improvisation 2 pts.
MPAME-GE.2031 Creative Performance Opportunities in Music Education 1-3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2032 Music Education in Culture Contexts 3 pts.
MPAME-GE.2130 Research in Music and Music Education 3 pts.
Kodály, Levels I, II, III (offered in summers only) 3 pts.
3 pts.
3 pts.
  Other courses within and outside the department by advisement  


Course #Course Title Credits
MPAME-GE.2___ Ensemble Participation (2 semesters required) 0-2 pts.
MPAME-GE-GE.2939 Colloquy in Music Education- required final two semesters
(Terminal Experience: Professional Practice Portfolio or Research Project)
2 points

Other Requirements: Successful completion of exams in Music Theory, Aural Training, and Music History, and any required remedial classes resulting from those exams.

* Departmental Placement Examination may require additional courses.

* Students must maintain an average grade of B or better in education courses required for certification.