MA in Educational Theatre, All Grades, and Social Studies, 7–12: Dual Certification

Learn Dramatic Strategies for Teaching Historical Texts and Concepts

Social studies and theatre have a powerful alliance when learners are provided with the chance to explore a period of history, historical concepts, and historical debates through the use of drama-based frameworks. This dual-certification master of arts program leads to eligibility for New York State initial certification as a teacher of theatre, all grades (K–12), and a teacher of social studies, grades 7–12. You will gain a solid foundation in social studies, history and drama; learn pedagogical methods and strategies; and acquire hands-on experience through fieldwork and student teaching placements in New York City elementary and secondary schools.

A non-certification degree, initial teaching certification degree, and a degree offering dual certification with English Education are also available.

What You'll Learn
  • US and world history
  • World drama
  • Drama in education
  • Exploring social issues through drama
  • Interactive dramatic strategies in teaching and learning for exploring key ideas in primary source documents, historical concepts, periods, debates, and texts 

See the curriculum and requirements for this degree. 

How You'll Learn

Core Courses and Areas of Specialization
The curriculum for this degree includes integrated coursework in drama, dramatic literature, and theatre, which are tied to the four New York State Learning Standards for both theatre and social studies. You'll have the opportunity to focus your studies on a concentrated area, such as Applied Theatre, Drama Education, or Theatre for Young Audiences and Play Production; or create your own pathway under advisement. 

Fieldwork and Student Teaching Placements in New York City Schools
You will also complete fieldwork and two supervised student teaching placements in New York City elementary and secondary schools, honing your teaching techniques under the guidance of NYU faculty. 

Flexible Study and a Supportive Learning Community
You will work closely with a 
faculty adviser as you create a sequence of courses to accommodate your interests and select classes in research, pedagogy, theatre art forms, and community-engaged approaches. 

Where Your Degree Can Take You

Graduates of our program are teachers of drama and theatre at preschools and elementary, middle, and secondary schools. They hold positions in education and theatre departments in museums, art galleries, colleges, and universities.

Degree Details

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) does not address approval for academic programs leading to professional licensure or certification. The Educational Theatre Program is currently in the process of researching state requirements for professional licensure and/or certification outside the State of New York, as it relates to educational theatre. Please contact for additional information.

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