Degree Requirements

MCC majors take liberal arts courses and MCC core courses* in their freshman and sophomore years. In their junior and senior years, students focus on completing two of five fields of study and restricted electives. In conjunction with department advisers, students select a sequence of courses that satisfy program and degree requirements while simultaneously exploring their own intellectual and professional objectives. A total of 128 course credits are required to graduate.

*Please note that effective Fall 2014, students taking an MCC core course must earn a B- or better to use that course toward the major or the minor. If a student receives a grade lower than a B-, that student may retake the course once to improve the grade, but only one retaken course is allowed. Additionally, students may only retake a course once. This means that students receiving below a B- in two or more MCC core courses (even if taken in the same semester) will have to explore with their adviser other options for majoring at NYU.

Liberal Arts Requirements
Foreign Language 8
Expository Writing 8
EXPOS-UA 0001 Writing the Essay  
ACE-UE 0110 The Advanced College Essay  
Foundations of Contemporary Culture 16
CORE-UA 04xx Text and Ideas  
CORE-UA 05xx Cultures and Contexts  
CORE-UA 06xx Societies and the Social Sciences  
CORE-UA 07xx Expressive Culture  
Foundations of Scientific Inquiry 12
CORE-UA 01xx Quantitative Reasoning  
CORE-UA 02xx Natural Science I  
CORE-UA 03xx Natural Science II  
Liberal Arts Electives 16
* Any courses from CAS, including, but not limited to, anthropology, economics, history, journalism, politics, psychology, sociology, etc.  
 * Any courses from any school in NYU, except SPS  
MCC Major Requirements
MCC Core   12
MCC-UE 0001 Introduction to Media Studies   
MCC-UE 0003 History of Media and Communication  
MCC-UE 0014 Media and Cultural Analysis   
*Effective Fall 2015, MCC will unroll a new 3-course core curriculum (MCC-UE 001, 003, 014) for students entering the department. These students must complete the new 3-course core by the end of their first semester as a junior. Majors will have to take all three core courses, and minors will take two out of three core courses. (These changes will not affect students who entered MCC prior to Fall 2015. Those students will still complete the old 4-course core that was required when they entered.)   
Fields of Study  24 
By advisement. 12 credits required in two of the following:  
1) Global and Transcultural Communication  
2) Images and Screen Studies  
3) Interaction and Social Processes
4) Media Institutions and Politics  
5) Technology and Society  
Restricted Electives 12 
By advisement. See list of approved classes.  
Additional Requirements
SAHS-UE 0001 New Student Seminar  
MCC-UE 1200 Senior Media Seminar  
Total Credits Required To Graduate
128 Credits