Minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology

New York City is home to major sectors of the entertainment and media industries, including network and cable television, independent film, book and magazine publishing, marketing and advertising companies, and digital start-ups. This cross-school minor includes courses from Stern School of Business, Tisch School of the Arts, and Steinhardt. It provides a foundation in the business of media and entertainment and how technology impacts these industries. 

The minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology (BEMT) will be earned by completing a minimum of 16 credits from a combination of Stern, Steinhardt, and Tisch courses. Students will take 8 credits from Stern and 8 credits from either Tisch or Music Business in Steinhardt to satisfy the 16 credit BEMT minor. Media, Culture, and Communication students cannot take courses from their program toward the minor.

**Please consult Stern's BEMT Minor Requirements website (click Minors, then click Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology from the drop-down menu) for the most up-to-date list of courses from each school that can fulfill the minor, as well contact information for each department.