Nicholas Mirzoeff

Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication

Nicholas Mirzoeff

Phone: 212 998 5725

Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Nicholas Mirzoeff is a visual activist, working at the intersection of politics and global/digital visual culture.

His most recent book How To See The World was published by Pelican in the UK (2015) and by Basic Books in the US (2016). It has been translated into eight languages and was a New Scientist Top Ten Book of the Year for 2015.

Mirzoeff is considered one of the founders of the academic discipline of visual culture in books like An Introduction to Visual Culture (1999/2009) and The Visual Culture Reader (1998/2002/2012). Currently, he is working on a project entitled The Appearance of BlackLivesMatter is available as a free e-book and is forthcoming as a limited edition print book with artwork by Carl Pope from NAME Publications.

His book The Right to Look: A Counterhistory of Visuality (2011) won the Anne Friedberg Award for Innovative Scholarship from the Society of Cinema and Media Studies in 2013.

Mirzoeff was Deputy Director of the International Association for Visual Culture from 2011-2016.

From 2013-17, he was Visiting Professor of Visual Culture at Middlesex University, London.

A frequent blogger and writer, his work has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, Time and The New Republic.