Using Accra as a case study, this course focuses on the practical questions of international development, while also considering how our practical experience and observations relate to normative and theoretical questions in international development and education as well as broader empirical study.  Previous experience in research methods is highly beneficial. We will intersperse our classes with site visits and interactions with schools, state agencies, and non-governmental organizations. The questions guiding class sessions and individual student research include: How do local and international actors think about the role of education in international development, and how does this translate to practice? What are the practical challenges and opportunities of implementing education programming in Ghana? What programs and approaches are most successful and why? What can we learn from the Ghanaian experience that may inform our broader understanding of education and international development? 

Students who wish to do so may register to stay on after the class to conduct an internship at one of the many organizations committed to international development and/or in education in Accra. Opportunities include formal and informal education; international organizations; local and community-driven development; and a position at NYU Accra. A separate course number and fees are associated with this program. A separate application is required. Visit our Intern Abroad: International Education program page for more information.