Explore broad questions about theatre and its practice in aesthetic and applied settings. Radical approaches to culturally-responsive and devised work will be considered, especially those shaped by Freire and Boal. You’ll hone a variety of artistic skills that deepen explorations in both formal and applied-theatre settings, particularly in the areas of physical theatre, mask-making, and puppetry. You’ll also explore ways in which these practices enhance the social imagination and catalyze constituents.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Program Dates:

January 2019 (Dates TBA)

Application Deadlines:

Applications will be open starting August 1, 2018.

  • Priority Deadline: Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  • Regular Deadline: Tuesday, October 16, 2018*

*Admissions rolling thereafter as space remains available

Who Can Participate:

  • NYU graduate students
  • NYU undergraduate seniors who have:
    • 96+ earned credits
    • related coursework
    • approval from the faculty director as well as their adviser
  • Non-NYU graduate students and professionals who are not enrolled at an academic institution

Related Areas of Study:

  • Childhood Education
  • Drama Therapy
  • Educational Theatre
  • International Education
  • Performing Arts Administration

This is not a complete list. We value diverse perspectives in our programs and encourage students from other majors and professions.


Students register for the below January 2019 course for 3 points:

  • MPAET-GE.2151.095 (Class# 4667) Theatre Practices: Leaders in Ed Theatre (3 points)
Important Note: All program applicants are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser to determine if and how this course may be applied towards their program requirements and degree completion.

Offered through Music and Performing Arts Professions

Draft 2015 Course Syllabus


Amy Cordileone, Clinical Assistant Professor in Educational Theatre


2019 Graduate Tuition: $1,726 per point plus registration and services fees

Undergraduate Tuition: If enrolling in an undergraduate course number, your tuition will reflect the current undergraduate cost per point

NYU students: this course counts toward your Spring 2019 course load and tuition

Tuition will be due based on the Bursar's Payment Schedule for Spring 2019.

Bursar’s Payment Deadline Dates

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Other Costs:

2019 Housing Fees: TBA

2019 Activity Fees: TBA

Housing and Activity fees are billed through the Bursar and will be due in accordance with the Bursar's Spring 2019 billing schedule.

International airfare to and from the program location is not included in the program fee. Students must purchase their own round-trip tickets and are responsible for their own accommodation for travel beyond the program dates.

Students will be notified when to book flights. We recommend comparing tickets on multiple sites to ensure the best fare. Past participants have used the following flight search engines: KayakHipmunkVayamaGoogle Flights and StudentUniverse for student rates.


Students will reside in shared-occupancy accommodations arranged by Global Affairs.

Your accommodation arrangements are included in your Housing and Activity Fees.

Group accommodation dates correspond with the program dates listed above.

Flight, Travel, and Visa Information:

Flight: Students book their own travel to coincide with program dates once notified by Steinhardt Global Affairs to moved forward with their purchase.

Passport: Passports are not required for travel from New York to Puerto Rico. Those originating travel outside the United States will be required to use a passport to enter Puerto Rico.

Visa: US citizens do not require a visa for visits to Puerto Rico. All other passport holders should consult the Office of Global Services for travel requirements.

Helpful links: US State Department, Center for Disease Control, Lonely Planet Guide

Weather: The annual average temperature in San Juan is to 70° to 80º F, slightly warmer during the day and cooler overnight. Rainy season is from November to April.

Helpful links: BBC Weather

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