Julia Shiang

Clinical Associate Professor of Applied Psychology

Julia Shiang

Phone: (212) 998-5720

Curriculum Vitae/Syllabi:

Julia Shiang is a clinical psychologist who examines the interaction of the psychotherapist, client, and cultural influences in the therapeutic setting. Her teaching focuses on brief psychodynamic theory and practice, supervision, cultural factors, and human development. She has developed training programs for theStanford-PGSPConsortium, PaloAlto, Ca. that emphasize the therapists’ use of countertransference reactions to encourage both emotional and behavioral change in clients. Shiang’s research on culture, bereavement, and psychotherapy has appeared in Transcultural Psychiatry, American Journal of Suicidology, Journal of General Internal Medicine,Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, and the Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavioral Change. She has received grants from the Pritzker Foundation, the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, and the Sachem Fund. Shiang received a doctorate in education from Harvard University and a PhD in clinical psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.