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Performance Management

Goal setting for Academic Year 2022-2023 will launch in PeopleSync on Monday, September 12, 2022

Please check your PeopleSync inbox starting Monday September 12th. If you supervise full-time employees please be sure to schedule time to meet with them and review goals, values/competencies and professional development activities for the upcoming year.

Note: The goal setting process will close in the system on Friday, November 4, 2022.

Steinhardt will continue using the Online Rating-less Reviews in PeopleSync. Employees will receive an email and an item in their PeopleSync inbox, which will open up the new online goal setting form. This new form will make the process faster and easier to complete.

Managers are expected to meet with employees first and discuss goals for the upcoming year. Following these meetings, employees will then be able to enter their goals in PeopleSync for Manager approval. The goal setting form will be available in the system until November 4th, after which the system will automatically finalize any goals that are still in draft form. System automated reminder alerts for goal setting will be sent on or around September 27th and October 25th, in preparation for the goal setting close on November 4th.

For a training resource on writing effective goals, please search iLearn for course PRO 402: Performance Communication at NYU. For help navigating the system to enter goals, please refer to the Performance Review: Goal Setting tipsheet, which provides step-by-step instructions. If you or your team members encounter any issues with the system, please send an email describing your issue to and please include a screenshot if possible.

For more information, refer to the presentation from the webinar SLP 015: Performance Process Review, Goal Setting in PeopleSync and our Frequently Asked Questions page.



Goal Setting Deadline

November 4, 2022

Mid-Year Evaluation

January 31, 2023

Year-End Evaluation

June 30, 2023

Year-End Performance Review Process Overview

The purpose of the year end process is to facilitate discussions on goal progress over the past Academic Year and memorialize those discussions in PeopleSync.

  1. The process is kicked off with an action item in the employee's PeopleSync Inbox. The employee add comments on each goal (and can even add new goals) and submits. 
  2. The manager sets up meetings to discuss progress on goals that would ideally take place after employees have submitted their comments.
  3. After each meeting, the manager opens the action item in their PeopleSync Inbox and enters their own comments that incorporate any important points raised during the discussion. In some cases, the Manager may want to "send back" the review to the employee to make revisions.
  4. Once the manager's comments are finalized, the employee will receive another action item in their PeopleSync Inbox to acknowledge receipt of the completed review. Employees have the option of adding additional comments at this time.
  5. Finally, the manager will likewise receive an action item to acknowledge the finalized review. The manager also has the option of entering additional comments.

Both manager and employee can review goals and comments at any time via the "Talent and Performance" widget on the PeopleSync home screen.

Performance Management Resources



Researchers should continue to use the goal setting forms and submit via email or DocuSign. Click here.