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Administrator Spot Bonus Program

Each year, the University sets aside a pool for one-time spot bonuses to reward exceptional efforts by Administrators that go above and beyond their regular job responsibilities. Examples include the successful completion of a project or major project milestone, identifying a process improvement that results in cost savings for the unit or Steinhardt, making a key contribution as a member of a task force or committee. Spot Bonuses are not appropriate for providing temporary coverage for a vacancy or general good performance in one's regular responsibilities. Administrators must be in good standing and on payroll at the time the bonus is paid.

Career Progression

Use this form to formalize planned permanent changes to an employee's title and/or job description. Steinhardt HR will use the information you provide to determine how the proposed changes should be reflected in PeopleSync and process one or more of the following actions: role enhancement, promotion, transfer, changes to compensation, title, job description, manager, and/or roles. In general, all proposed actions should be discussed, planned, and approved by Steinhardt Finance during your unit's Annual Principals Meeting. All changes are subject to approval by University HR's Compensation Office.

Additional Compensation

This form serves as a tool for managers requesting additional compensation on behalf of Full-Time Administrators within their unit. It is important to recognize that covering for colleagues during sick leave or vacation is typically within the scope of a Full-Time Administrator's responsibilities.  Nevertheless, additional compensation may be warranted when administrators are tasked with significant duties beyond their usual responsibilities, such as working on special projects or covering for a position vacancy or a co-worker's leave of absence.

For more information, contact your Administrative Director, Director, or Unit Head.