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Bay Area Video Arcades: Photographs by Ira Nowinski


A Journal of Game Histories

ROMchip: A Journal of Game Histories is a platform designed for the advancement of critical historical studies of games. Launched in 2019, ROMchip supports any discipline of work enlivening the history of games in local and global contexts, and embraces diversity in how game history is studied, documented, collected, preserved, and practiced. ROMchip is where the history of games is taken seriously. 

Issues are published bi-annually in July and December. Read the archived issues.

Raiford Guins, Indiana University
Henry Lowood, Stanford University
Laine Nooney, Managing Editor, New York University

Kevin Driscoll, University of Virginia
Clara Fernandez-Vara, New York University Game Center
Erkki Huhtamo, University of California, Los Angeles
Matthew Kirschenbaum, University of Maryland
Carly Kocurek, Illinois Institute of Technology
Ken McAllister, University of Arizona
Nick Montfort, MIT
Janet Murray, Georgia Tech

Soraya Murray, University of California (Santa Cruz)
Aki Nakamura, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto
James Newman, Bath Spa University
Mattnew Payne, University of Notre Dame
Judd Ruggill, University of Arizona
Philip Sabin, King’s College London
Melaine Swalwell, Flinders University
T.L. Taylor, MIT
Alex de Voogt, Drew University

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Laine Nooney

Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication