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Alumni Mentor Program

Media, Culture, and Communication

The MCC Alumni Mentor Program

Community is at the heart of MCC, so we’ve unveiled a mentor program exclusively for MCC Juniors, Seniors, and MA students that pairs students with MCC alumni from media, non profits, the entertainment industries, cultural institutions and more. The goal? To share first-hand experience about what it’s like to apply your MCC degree to the real world—all over coffee, email, or Zoom.

Entering a career post-graduation can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Forming connections is an essential part of forging your path into the working world. The MCC Mentor Program provides an opportunity to start building your network. 

Student enrollment in the MCC Mentor Program happens in early Fall. During open enrollment, eligible students will be invited to submit an application. The program is intended to span the rest of the student's time at MCC.

How It Works

Students provide information about themselves, their experiences (professional, academic, global), and aspirations. MCC matches students with alumni volunteers based on career interests and availability. To ensure that this is a mutually rewarding relationship, participating students must agree to the following:

  • When you are paired with a mentor, you agree to adhere to the Program Guidelines.
  • As we make clear in our Mentee Tips, your mentor's role is to provide support, answer questions, and help you navigate your own college to career transition; it is not your mentor’s responsibility to get you a job. Do not expect them to help place you at their company. 
  • In the initial conversations with your mentor, establish goals for the relationship. Use this Meeting Prep Guide to get started.
  • A reasonable mentor/mentee relationship consists of 1 to 2 meet-ups a month. Mentors may ask mentees to attend work events, shadow at their office, or accompany them to exclusive events. This is at the discretion of the individual mentor.

Attention MCC Alumni

Would you like to mentor a current student? If so, join the Network!

Join the MCC Alumni Network