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Dr. Tara McAllister holding a biofeedback device under the chin of a young boy.

Research and Labs

Communicative Sciences and Disorders

The Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders has several active research labs run by faculty conducting innovative research. If you are interested in the research opportunities available in a particular lab, please contact the lab director.  

Lab Website: LEARN (Language Experience and Acquisition Research at NYU) Lab

Research Interests

  • Learning mechanisms underlying language acquisition in children
  • The role of caregiver-child interactions in learning language

Adam Buchwald

Professor; Director, Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research

Lab Website: Psycholinguistics, Aphasia, and Neuromodulation Lab

Research Interests

  • Speech and language production in aphasia, apraxia, and unimpaired speakers
  • Relationships between speech motor control and phonological processing
  • Written language processing in aphasia
  • Speech perception and its relationship to production

Maria Grigos

Professor; Department Chair

Lab Website: Motor Speech Lab

Research Interests

  • Speech motor development
  • Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)
  • Development and disorders of articulation and phonology
  • Craniofacial anomalies

Eric S. Jackson

Associate Professor

Lab Website: the stuttering and vvariability (savvy) lab

Research Interests

  • Variability and neural substrates of stuttering events
  • Speech, stuttering, and social-cognitive processing
  • Anticipation

Susannah Levi

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Lab Website: Acoustic Phonetics and Perception Lab

Research Interests

  • Relationship between talker processing, linguistic processing, and measures of language, reading, and working memory
  • Development of talker processing in children with both typical and impaired language development
  • Perception of gender and femininity/masculinity

Tara McAllister

Associate Professor; Director, Doctoral Program

Lab Website: Biofeedback Intervention for Speech Lab

Research Interests

  • Sensorimotor control of speech in children and adults
  • Biofeedback intervention for speech sound disorders
  • Technology development for speech applications

Lab Website: NYU Swallowing Research Lab

Research Interests

  • Understanding the biomechanics of healthy and disordered swallowing
  • Investigating age-related changes to swallowing muscles and the associated impact on swallowing function
  • Quantifying changes to swallowing after cervical spine surgery

Lab Website: Find Your Voice Lab

Research Interests

  • Voice and voice disorders
  • Neurogenic communicative disorders
  • Dysphagia

Lab Website: CoMM (Communication, Mind, and Memory)" Lab

Research Interests

  • Cognitive mechanisms of social communication across the lifespan
  • Language-Memory interactions in adults with and without memory impairment (e.g., neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s disease)
  • Processing of pragmatic language use

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