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Global and Urban Education Studies Minor Requirements

A: Required Core Course: 

HSED-UE 1005/HIST-UA 0060 Introduction to Education: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives 
Offered by the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

*This course is taught in the fall, only.

In this course, students engage with central themes, issues, and controversies in education, such as:

  • What is the purpose of school?
  • How have societies organized schools, and how have they evolved across time? 
  • What education happens outside of formal school settings, and how do we study non-formal education versus such notions as work and play?
  • What are the interrelationships between education and other cultural institutions?
  • How does education both mirror and shape the society that creates it? 
  • How do societies engage with issues of equity, social justice, educational “rights,” and civic responsibilities?
B:  Restricted electives:

Choose one of the following three restricted electives (4 credits):

Urban Education
TCHL-UE 41: American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promises of Public Education 
Offered by the Department of Teaching and Learning

*This course is offered to Global and Urban Education Students in the spring, only.


Global Education 
INTE-UE 10 Introduction to Global Education
INTE-UE 11 Globalization and Education 
Offered by the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

C: Unrestricted Electives (By Advisement)

Choose at least 8 credits from the following options:

Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities (Highly recommended electives):
SOED-UE 20 American Social Movements, 1950 – Present: Power, Resistance, Identity (4 credits)
SOED-UE 1025 The Sociology of Urban Life and Education (3 credits)
SOED-UE 1050 LGBT Topics in Education: Identities, Coming Out, and Current Issues in Schools (4 credits)
HSED-UE 610 Education and the American Dream: Historical Perspectives (4 credits)
APSTA-UE 10 Statistical Mysteries and How to Solve Them(4 points)
HSED-UE 1028 Schooling in Diverse Societies* (4 credits)
HSED-UE 1061 History of Higher Education (4 credits) 
INTE-UE 1010 International Human Rights Activism and Education (4 credits) 
INTE-UE 1011  Billionaires, Best Intentions, and Public Education (4 credits)
INTE-UE 1012 God, Schools and the Globe (4 Credits) 
INTE-UE 1141 Justice, Reason, and Culture (4 credits) 
INTE-UE 1532 Terrorism, Extremism and Education (4 credits) 
INTE-UE 1545 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the New Immigration (4 credits)
INTE-UE 1xxx Contemporary International Relations: Peace, Security, and Education (4 credits)** 
INTE-UE 1xxx International Perspectives On Gender and Education (4 credits)** 
PHED-UE 10 Learning and the Meaning of Life
PHED-UE 1016 Religion/Public Education in the International Context
SOED-UE 1015 Education as a Social Institution (4 credits)

Department of Media, Culture, and Communication
MCC-UE 1017 Youth Media and Social Change (4 credits)

Department of Applied Psychology 
APSY-UE 5 Community Psychology (4 credits)
APSY-UE 1040 Students in the Community: Service, Leadership and Training  (2 credits)
APSY-UE 1270 Social Intervention in Schools and Communities (4 credits)
APSY-UE 1278 Families, Schools and Child Development (4 credits)
APSY-UE 1279 Child Development and Social Policy in a Global Society (4 credits)

Department of Teaching and Learning 
ENGED-UE 1205 Hip Hop and the Teaching of English (3 credits) 

Wagner School of Public Service 
UPADM-GP 219 Race, Class, & Gender in American Cities (4 credits)
UPADM-GP 216 Majorities, Minorities & Group Identities in America: Status, Rights & Public Policy (4 credits)

Silver School of Social Work
UNDSW-US 68 Service Learning through Community Engagement (2 credits)
UNDSW-US 72 Service Learning with Refugee Youth (2 credits)

College of Arts and Science
SCA-UA 115 Introduction to Black Urban Studies (4 credits) 
SCA-UA 541 Latino Youth:  Migration & Policing in the Americas (4 credits) 
SCA-UA 613 Community Empowerment (4 credits)
SCA-UA 751 Urban Economics (4 credits)
SCA-UA 610 Law and Urban Problems (4 credits) 
HIST-UA 639 New York City: A Social History (4 credits) 
SOC-UA 137 Wealth, Power, Status: Inequality in Society (4 credits)
SOC-UA 415 Education and Society (4 credits)
SOC-UA 460 Cities, Communities, and Urban Life (4 credits) 
SOC-UA 465 Childhood (4 credits)
SOC-UA 9415 Sociology of Education: Global Education in the 21st Century (4 credits)***
PSYCH-UA 9036 Community Psychology (4 credits) *
ECON-UA323 Economic Development (4 credits)

course is offered at NYU Accra
** course is in development
***course is offered at NYU Berlin