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MA, Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education, Birth to Grade 2, Initial Certification

45 credits

This program is open to participants who have a bachelor’s degree but who are not yet certified to teach. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for New York State certification in both general and special education at the early childhood level (birth–grade 2).

Students must complete this program on a full-time basis in a little more than a calendar year, commencing early in the summer, followed by fall, January, and spring semesters, and concluding the following summer.

Satisfactory completion of many Department of Teaching and Learning degrees includes field experiences.

Summer I (9 Credits)

  • SPCED-GE 2124 (3 credits): Historical and Contemporary Issues in Special Education Policy, Research, and Practice
  • ECED-GE 2017 (3 credits): Human Development and Curriculum in Early Childhood
  • TCHL-GE 2010 (3 credits): Inquiries in Teaching and Learning (part of Fall tuition)

Fall (12 Credits)

  • ECED-GE 2314 (3 credits): Curriculum Development in Science and Social Studies
  • SPCED-GE 2127 (3 credits): Diversity and Equity for Students with Disabilities in Families, Schools, and Communities
  • SPCED-GE 2160 (3 credits): Methods of Instruction for Children with High Incidence Disabilities
  • ECED-GE 2901 (3 credits): Student Teaching in Early Childhood
  • TCHL-GE 2999 (0 credits): Drug and Alcohol Education, Child Abuse Identification, School Violence Prevention/DASA

Winter (3 Credits)

SPCED-GE 2136 (3 credits): Assessment for Students with Disabilities

Spring (15 Credits)

  • SPCED-GE 2108 (3 credits): Learning Environments, Behavior, and Students with Disabilities
  • LITC-GE 2001 (3 credits): Foundations of Literacy Development
  • MTHED-GE 2115 (3 credits): Teaching Elementary Mathematics
  • SPCED-GE 2902 (3 credits): Student Teaching in Early Childhood Special Education I
  • CHDED-GE 2055 (3 credits): Integrated Arts in the Early Childhood and Childhood

Summer II (6 Credits)

  • BILED-GE 2103 (3 credits): Bilingual Exceptional Child
  • SPCED-GE 2052 (3 credits): Methods of Instruction for Children with Low Incidence Disabilities