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First Year
Fall - 12 points
ARCS-GE 2012 Literature & Methodology of Costume Studies (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2061 History of Costume I: Prehistory to 1800 (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2077 History of Textiles I: The Material of Fashion (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2911 History of Fashion Photography (3 points)

Spring – 12 points
ARCS-GE 2062 History of Costume II: The 19th Century (3 points)
3 electives chosen from among:
ARCS-GE 2078 History of Textiles II: The Modern Era (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2913 Dress in World Cultures (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2069 Costume Conservation and Display (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2064 History of Costume IV: Contemporary Dress (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2912 Contemporary Design Culture (3 points)
Or other electives from across NYU 

Second Year
Fall – 11 points
ARCS-GE 2063 History of Costume III: The 20th Century (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2022 Research in Costume Studies (Thesis part 1) (2 points)
2 electives chosen from among:
ARCS-GE 2910 Graduate Projects: Exhibition Praxis (3 points)
ARCS-GE 2102 Design and Culture: The 20th Century
Or other electives from across NYU

Spring – 1 point
ARCS-GE 2301 Final Project (Thesis part 2) (1 point)
ARVA-GE 2302 Internship in Visual Arts Administration (0-6 points)

This program of study is intended as a guide for progression through the two-year Costume Studies M.A. Course sequence and is subject to change.