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BS in MCC/GPH Degree Requirements

Study away for one semester at an NYU Global site is a requirement of the GPH combined major.

Liberal Arts Requirements  (64 credits)
EXPOS-UA 100 Writing the Essay 4
ACE-UE 110 Advanced College Essay 4
CORE-UA 4xxx Texts & Ideas 4
CORE-UA 5xxx Cultures & Contexts 4
CORE-UA 6xxx Societies and the Social Sciences 4
CORE-UA 7xxx Expressive Culture 4
Foreign Language  (2 semesters) 8
CORE-UA 2xxx Life or Physical Science
CORE-UA 3xxx Life or Physical Science 4
UGPH-GU 20 Biostatistics for Public Health 4
Liberal Arts Electives (5 courses) 20
Global Public Health Requirements (20 credits) 
UGPH-GU 10 Health and Society in a Global Context 4
UGPH-GU 30 Epidemiology 4
UGPH-GU 40 Health Policy 4
UGPH-GU 50 Environmental Health 4
UGPH-GU 60 GPH Internship 4
One Semester of Study Away/Abroad N/A
Discipline Component of the Combined Major Requirements  (12 credits) 
 MCC Core Courses  
MCC-UE 1 (fall/spring) Introduction to Media Studies 4
MCC-UE 3 (fall/spring) History of Media and Communication 4
MCC-UE 14 (fall/spring) Methods in Media Studies  4
*MCC has a 3-course core curriculum (MCC-UE 001, 003, 014). You must complete the 3-course core by the end of your first semester as a junior. Majors will have to take all three core courses, and minors will take two out of three core courses. You must earn a B- or better to use the core course toward the MCC major or minor. You are allowed one unique opportunity to retake a core course during your time in the program.  
Discipline Electives (20 credits) 
Choose 4 Areas of Study courses  16
MCC-UE 1200 (fall/spring) Inquiry Seminar 4
Choose 3 in GPH or MCC (12 credits)
Combined Major Electives 12
Other (0 credits)
SAHS-UE 1 (fall/spring) New Student Seminar 0
Writing Proficiency Examination N/A