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Dr. Tara McAllister holding a biofeedback device under the chin of a young boy.

Recent Theses

BS, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Recent Undergraduate Theses


Elizabeth Barbier (Advisor: Dr. Christina Reuterskiöld)
Relative Clause Production in Children: Elicitation Context and Clause Type

Gissell Cuevas (Advisor: Dr. Sudha Arunachalam)
Color Word Learning in Spanish-English Bilingual Children

Janie Rist (Advisor: Dr. Susannah Levi)
Children’s Phonetic Imitation of Dialect-Specific Features

Dilys Tan (Advisor: Dr. Celia Stewart)
An Evaluation of Fundamental Frequency, Intonation Patterns, and Vocal Fry in Multilingual Singlish and Manglish Speakers


Annika Canta (Advisor: Dr. Tara McAllister)
Do Variability and Accuracy Trade Off in Bilingual Speech Acquisition?

Olesia Gritsyk (Advisor: Dr. Tara McAllister)
Establishing an Index of Somatosensory Acuity: Comparison of Three Measures in Adults


Seyoung Lanie Jung (Advisor: Dr. Maria Grigos)
Graduate Student Clinicians’ Perceptions of Child Speech Sound Errors 

Julia Kharlamenko (Advisor: Dr. Susannah Levi)
Changes to Perceptual Assimilation Following Training
Published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Stefania Marchitelli (Advisor: Dr. Susannah Levi)
Semantic Predictability and the Use of Creaky Voice in Female Speakers
Published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


Samantha Ayala (Advisor: Dr. Tara McAllister)
Does Auditory Acuity Predict Response to Visual-acoustic Biofeedback?
Published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Gretchen Go (Advisor: Dr. Susannah Levi)
Using Perceptual Training to Change the Production of Non-Native Speech Sounds
Published in Journal of Phonetics

Grace Tsang (Advisor: Dr. Susannah Levi)
Effect of Musical Training on Perception of Shadowed-Speech 
Published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


Laine Ciadella (Advisor: Dr. Tara McAllister)
Does Perceptual Training Enhance /r/ Misarticulation?
Published in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics

Mehak Noorani (Advisor: Dr. Sonja Molfenter)
Examining The Relationship Between Swallowing and Sarcopenia in Healthy, Community-Dwelling Seniors
Published in Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research

Keziah St. Louis (Advisor: Dr. Maria Grigos)
Coarticulation Seen in Formant Transitions of Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Sara Zhong (Advisor: Dr. Maria Grigos)
Acoustic Cues of English Lexical Stress in Cantonese and Mandarin Speakers


Ashley Quinto (Advisor: Dr. Susannah Levi)
Effect of Time and Lexical Frequency on Memory
Published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Tappy Tong (Advisor: Dr. Adam Buchwald)
Production of Native and Non-Native Clusters

Recent Undergraduate Thesis Advisors

Adam Buchwald

Associate Professor; Director, PhD Program

Maria Grigos

Associate Professor; Department Chair

Christina Reuterskiöld

Associate Professor; (Spring 2021 Sabbatical)