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Violinist Matthew Ryan performing in Paulson Center

How to Apply
BM, String Studies

All prospective and transfer students must apply for admission to NYU Steinhardt. Apply for undergraduate study.

Submit Your Prescreen Video

The program in String Studies requires a pre-screen video to be submitted via GetAcceptd, that is due no later than January 5th, 2023. Invitations to schedule a live audition will be sent no later than January 15th, 2023.

Prescreen Details and Requirements

Please prepare the following for your prescreen:

  • Violin, viola, and cello: A Movement of Bach and a Movement of a Concerto
  • Bass and harp: two contrasting movements

Please note, that it is not mandatory to have an accompanist for either the prescreen or the final audition.

Audition Dates

Early Decision I

No prescreen is required for EDI applicants.

The audition is on Sunday, November 19, 2023.

Early Decision II

Invitations for final auditions/interviews will be sent out by mid-January.

The audition is on Friday, January 19, 2024.

Regular Decision

Invitations for final auditions/interviews for the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and the Artist Diploma will be sent out by mid-January.

Auditions will take place from Friday, March 1 - Sunday, March 3, 2024.

These are the last dates for scholarship consideration.

Graduate and Transfer Students

The final audition for graduate and transfer students are by arrangement but they must be complete by Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Remote or Video Auditions

Should you be unable to attend a live audition at NYU, applicants may submit audition videos via GetAcceptd. Please review the deadlines for Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision applicants. You must submit your audition video online by the dates listed.

On-Campus In-Person Auditions

NYU is currently following, and will continue to follow, the prevailing guidance from the CDC and the New York State and New York City Health Departments, and the advice of NYU’s medical consultants. While our full intention is to provide an option for in-person auditions for fully-vaccinated individuals, be advised that NYU reserves the right to adjust and/or cancel in-person auditions if public health circumstances change or evolve. For the latest information on NYU’s COVID actions and policies, please visit the NYU Returns hub.

To Request an On-Campus In-Person Audition

  • Request an in-person audition by filling out a request form.
  • You and your guest will each receive an email from NYU Campus Safety with instructions to upload your proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Once approved to be on campus, you and your guest will be required to use the Daily Screener to enter NYU buildings on the day of your in-person audition. You must also bring a copy of your confirmation email from NYU Campus Safety.
  • NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email from NYU Campus Safety or cannot complete the Daily Screener, you will not be permitted to enter NYU buildings. If you are accompanied by a different, unapproved guest, that guest will not be permitted to enter NYU buildings. Unfortunately, nothing that can be done on the day of the audition to allow access if these situations occur.

Additional Notes

  • Please be aware that follow-up auditions and interviews are only requested if the faculty would like more information on an applicant that would warrant a callback. Not being asked to interview does not mean that you have been rejected from NYU.
  • Though NYU's deadline for Spring transfer admission is November 1 and our deadline for Summer/Fall transfer admission is April 1, we suggest that you submit your Common Application one month in advance. Submitting your Common Application early will leave you more time to schedule an audition by our deadlines above.

Audition Requirements

Please note, it is not mandatory to have an accompanist for your final video audition.

Violin repertoire:

  1. Two movements from the unaccompanied sonatas and partitas by Bach memorized
  2. A first or last movement from a standard concerto and/or other virtuosic solo piece memorized
  3. A movement of a sonata from the standard repertoire

Viola repertoire:

  1. Two movements from an unaccompanied Bach suite (originally for cello) or sonata or partita (originally for violin) memorized
  2. A first movement of a standard concerto memorized
  3. A movement of a standard sonata or a short work

Cello repertoire:

  1. Two contrasting movements of a Bach suite memorized
  2. One movement of a standard concerto memorized
  3. A movement of a standard sonata or a short work

Double bass repertoire:

  1. A short étude (or a short portion) displaying technical proficiency
  2. Two contrasting movements from a Vivaldi or Marcello sonata or comparable work
  3. Two standard orchestral excerpts

Harp repertoire:

Note: Substitutions of equal level/ability may be made with a prior consultation with Professor Brandee Younger (

  1. One Pozzoli étude (numbers 21–30)
  2. One movement from the Handel Concerto in B-flat Major (either Salzedo or Grandjany transcriptions)
  3. Tournier’s Au Matin or Debussy’s Premiere Arabesque.


Professor Stephanie Baer
Professor Cyrus Beroukhim
Jess Bauer