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Larry Miller and guest Natalia Nastaskin sit together on stage at an NYU Steinhardt Music Business event

How to Apply
BM, Music Business

All applicants must complete New York University’s Application for Undergraduate Admissions in addition to the Music Business supplemental application package. Please note that Music Business only admits freshmen and transfers for the Fall term.

Application to the Steinhardt Music Business undergraduate degree includes a required supplemental application package. No performance audition is required. All applicants must demonstrate music potential, as the degree is a bachelor of music in Music Business. It is not necessary to be a performer to be admitted to the Music Business program, but upon graduation, you will have gained significant music skills. Please do not send letters of recommendation or other supplementary materials.

Supplemental Package Deadlines

November 1, 2022: Early Decision I
January 1, 2023: Early Decision II,
January 5, 2023: Regular Decision
March 1, 2023: internal NYU transfers (including change of major within Steinhardt)
April 1, 2023: external transfers

Freshman Applicants

The Music Business supplemental application package consists of four components: a cover sheet, résumé, short video, and two essays, all of which you will upload to GetAcceptd; your cover sheet, résumé, and essays should be in PDF format.

Please make sure you submit New York University’s Application for Undergraduate Admissions in addition to this supplemental application.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Complete the cover sheet.
  2. Create a one-page résumé that shows your school, any work/internship/volunteer positions you’ve had, and any musical/extracurricular activities you are involved in.
  3. Record one short video with the components noted below. The video helps the Music Business faculty assess your ability to carry a tune and stay on pitch; the faculty do not use it to evaluate your vocal quality, and you do not have to worry about any special lighting or production qualities. It is not necessary to be a performer to be admitted to the Music Business program. Please note: GetAcceptd only allows for a limited amount of content to be uploaded to it. Because of this, please make sure all components of are submitted in one singular videoComponents for the video:
    • Sing a cappella (without accompaniment of any kind) a one-octave major scale, ascending and descending, in any key.
    • Sing a cappella (without accompaniment of any kind) one verse and one chorus of Judy Garland’s "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
    • Sing a cappella (without accompaniment of any kind) a verse and a chorus of any existing song you’d like. The song must have a melody that you can sing, must already be recorded by another artist, and may not be spoken word.
  4. Write two essays:
    • Essay topic 1 (350 words minimum, 400 words maximum): Below is a typical course list for your first year as a Music Business student at NYU. This first-year foundations curriculum will prepare you for success in the rest of your time at NYU. Please write about ways you foresee that these foundation courses will connect with each other and with the future music industry. In your answer, consider career areas that you are specifically interested in.
      Course list

      Course Area

      Number of Courses

      Music Theory and Aural (Listening) Skills


      Algebra and Calculus or Calculus I (Liberal Arts)

      1 or 2

      Keyboard Training


      Business Structure of the Music Industry + Music Business


      Writing the Essay (Liberal Arts)


      Private music lesson or music technology class


      Economics (Liberal Arts)

      1 or 2

    • Essay topic 2 (350 words minimum, 400 words maximum): In a post-pandemic world, what are the challenges for concerts and festivals, and what do you think are the most promising innovations in the live music sector?
  5. Optional Video: As we know our applicants may be musically talented in other areas, we offer the chance for our students to further highlight their musical abilities by submitting one additional optional video to GetAcceptd. Please note this is an optional aspect of the application and is not a requirement to be considered for the program.

Music Business Transfer Process FAQs

FAQs and supplemental application requirements for transfer students.

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