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Sustainability in the Urban Environment

Sustainability in the Urban Environment: Urban policy makers began have embraced local food systems as a solution to a myriad of urban problems, including lack of green space and a dearth of healthy food availability. As part of this shift in policy, cities and other jurisdictions have encouraged production in the urban environment. But at the local and state levels, such policies are often based on a vision of how food might be grown in a city, and do not consider the feasibility or viability of such ventures. Nor do the policies consider how much of a contribution urban farms might make to urban food supplies. This course studies, in an experiential context, questions such as: much food can urban farms supply? Do farms even have to produce food? What are the differences between urban farms that have claimed nonprofit status, acting more as educational facilities than as commercial farms.

Course #
FOOD-GE 2262
Nutrition and Food Studies