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Advanced Orchestration: Screen Scoring

This hands-on course provides the students with a practical toolkit to enable them to become proficient orchestrators in the field of film and media production. Using examples from traditional and contemporary practices, students analyze seminal scores written for the screen, orchestrate diverse exercises, and evaluate the result of their work by listening to live recordings of their exercises.

Course #
Music and Performing Arts Professions


This course utilizes a flipped classroom for learning. Students will work on a set of asynchronous materials, including detailed video guides and exercises during their own time. There will be mandatory weekly synchronous recitations for students to ask questions, to critique assignments, and to engage in exercises and score study.

There is a mandatory synchronous laboratory that happens 4 times a semester for 3h. In these laboratory sessions, work created by the students is first performed in a diverse set of orchestral ensembles. Then, there is an evaluation process of the effectiveness of their work.

Course Content Overview

  1. Orchestration Review
  2. Writing for Strings
  3. Writing for Woodwinds
  4. Writing for Harp
  5. Writing for aleatoric String Orchestra
  6. Writing for Brass
  7. Writing for Percussion
  8. Scoring and Orchestrating from MIDI


Mark Suozzo

Kat Vokes