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7 colorful paper mâché masks on a table depicting different animals

Affiliated Labs

Arts & Health @NYU

Arts & Health @ NYU is a hub for research and clinical centers across NYU where the physical, mental, and social benefits of the arts are explored.

NYU Theatre and Health Lab

The Theatre and Health Lab is the research hub of the program in Drama Therapy at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. We study how drama therapy and related theatre processes such as imagination, pretend play, improvisation, storytelling, playwriting, acting, and witnessing can facilitate health and wellbeing.  As part of our efforts, we document and share therapeutic innovations in drama therapy.  

NYU Steinhardt Arts & Humanities Initiative

The NYU Steinhardt Humanities Initiative brings together faculty and students across Steinhardt whose work reflects an engagement with the humanities and the arts. This initiative is represented by Jim Fraser (Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities) and Janet Njelesani (Occupational Therapy) and includes colleagues across departments and programs in Steinhardt.

Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy 

The Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy is committed to the belief that everyone possesses a sensitivity to music that can be utilized for personal growth and development. We provide a variety of services, including individual music therapy, group music therapy sessions, and specialized music instruction, for people of all ages, with or without disabilities. The Nordoff-Robbins Center conducts research on the creative and developmental processes of music therapy, as well as offers training and resources for current and prospective music therapists.

NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium 

The NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium aims to advance public knowledge and research in the creative arts therapies. Building upon NYU’s historical and well-regarded leadership in the creative arts therapies, this Consortium offers a venue for collaborative inquiry and continuing education about innovations in the arts therapies and the arts in healthcare.

Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL) 

Music and Audio Research Laboratory brings together scholars from music theory, technology and composition, computer and information science, interactive media and media studies, to explore the intersection between music, computation and science. The objective is to combine techniques and methodologies from the arts, the humanities and the sciences to (a) understand and model human cognitive abilities in music, and (b) innovate the analysis, organization and creation of music.

Verbatim Performance Lab

The Verbatim Performance Lab (VPL) creates verbatim documentary theatre performances and investigates the results with actors and audiences. We perform words and gestures collected from found media artifacts and interview-based data. Through the investigations of these performances, VPL aims to disrupt assumptions, biases, and intolerances across a spectrum of political, cultural, and social narratives.

NYU Langone Art Program

The NYU Langone Art Program and collection integrates artwork of the highest quality into the healing environments of new and recently renovated spaces at NYU Langone. In recent years, art has become increasingly important to many healthcare environments. Studies have shown that art in this setting can improve patients’ overall health outcomes, treatment compliance, and quality of life. Art also helps create a positive environment for caregivers, helping to reduce stress, and for employees, improving overall workplace satisfaction. The NYU Langone Art Program fosters a welcoming, healing environment that supports our mission to treat the whole patient by addressing emotional as well as physical needs.