Art Therapy Job Market

MA in Art Therapy

Art Therapy Job Market

NYU Steinhardt's art therapy program prepares, educates, and provides opportunity for certification in the Art Therapy Field. Through a combination of artistic education and an application of  counseling methodology and therapy skills, the program prepares students to pass the New York Licensure for a Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) exam and to fulfill the associated education and experience requirements. In order to receive LCAT  certification, an Art Therapist must be educated from an approved school such as NYU. The program also prepares students to take the voluntary Art Therapy Credentials Board exam, which students can take after LCAT certification.

Within the program, students receive training to effectively assist clients as an art therapist through classroom education and hands-on projects as well as some of the most competitive internships in the field.


With LCAT certification, an art therapist can work in a variety of contexts, such as:

Private Practice


Clinic Therapy

Nursing Homes

Rehabilitation Centers

Non-clinical organizations that require LCAT training such as certain entities within government organizations

Recent graduates from NYU Steinhardt's Art Therapy program found jobs in the field such as:

Lead Clinician - Sisters of Mercy

Senior Art Therapist - The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

Owner - Art Therapy Business

Manager of Student Placements & Internships - Steinhardt Art Therapy Dept.

Professor - Steinhardt Art Therapy Program

 Recent Alumni Profiles can be found on our Alumni in Action page.