How To Apply

B.F.A. Studio Art

How To Apply

Step 1: Apply To NYU
Follow the instructions on how to apply to NYU outlined by the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
Step 2: Submit Your Portfolio
Follow the Portfolio Guidelines instructions detailed below.
Application Deadlines

University application for Fall 2018: November 1, 2017
Portfolio for Fall 2017: November 1, 2017

University application for Fall 2018: Janaury 1, 2018
Portfolio for Fall 2018: January 1, 2018


For Spring 2018:

University application: November 1, 2017
Portfolio: November 1, 2017

For Fall 2018:
University application: April 1, 2018
Portfolio: April 1, 2018

Your portfolio may arrive any time before the deadline, but will not be reviewed until your application for admission is complete. Portfolios received after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Note for Early Decision Applicants:

November Early Decision applicants are strongly urged to contact the Undergraduate Student Services Counselor Lonnie Woods at to schedule a time to discuss the readiness of their portfolio.

Notes for Transfer Applicants:

Refer to the Transfer-specific application instructions page, where you will find answers to common questions about applying as a transfer student and step-by -step application instructions. 

Portfolio Guidelines

Work submitted can be in any style or medium and should show a dedication to and investment in innovation and exploration. Students should select work that best shows their personal styletechnical skillsideas and creative approaches to subject matter and materials.

Online Portfolio Submission Instructions:

  • All components of your portfolio must be submitted through
  •  You must create or log-into Setting up an account is free.
  •  All applicants must pay a $10.00 submission fee.
  •  All portfolios must be submitted by the application deadline.

Portfolio Submission Details

Your portfolio must include:

1. 15-20 images of artwork completed within the last two years, done in any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, video, photography, digital art, installation, sound, etc.). Each image/video must contain the work’s title, year completed, medium and size. (ex. Amy's Self Portrait, 2017, Ink and Charcoal on Canvas, 11X14)

Videos can be submitted in addition to, but not in place of, digital images. Videos can be a compilation of various works, but the total running time cannot exceed five minutes. Genres appropriate to video documentation include video art, performance, and kinetic art, NOT documentation of sculptures or exhibitions.

2.  A one-page artist’s statement describing your:

a) goals as an artist;

b) artistic influences, including two contemporary artists who are nationally or internationally recognized (these artists should have created new work within the past 20 years and they should be represented in major art museums and/or art galleries which feature contemporary visual artists);

c) background and interests, including previous art training, and films, literature, or music you enjoy and how they relate to your art work;

d) what you hope to gain from studying in the Studio Art program at NYU.

Interviews/In-person Portfolio Reviews

Due to the large number of applications, high school applicants are not given in-person interviews, but you may want to attend one of our informational events.  See more details and dates for upcoming information sessions and recruitment events.

More Information

Lonnie Woods
Undergraduate Student Services Counselor

For Financial Aid Information

NYU Undergraduate Financial Aid Office

Researching Other Sources of Financial Aid