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Paint and brushes

Studio Art

Minor in Studio Art

For NYU undergraduates majoring in another degree, the Studio Art minor allows you to explore three core areas of contemporary studio practice.

Student painting at aisle.

Degree Details

Official Degree Title

Minor in Studio Art


This minor requires 16 credits or points (four classes) taken in the Department of Art and Art Professions. You may choose from a wide selection of studio art courses in 2D, 3D and media, with the opportunity to explore the areas of:

  • Drawing/painting/printmaking
  • Sculpture/ceramics/metalsmithing
  • Photography/digital art/video/design

Instructors in each of these areas are artists of note actively engaged in their respective fields. 

As a complement to studio art practice, minors are encouraged to attend exhibitions and visiting artist lectures held weekly in the department. 

Drawing I for Non-Majors                                     
ART-UE 101                                                            

Painting I for Non-Majors                                    
ART-UE 103                                                             

Printmaking I for Non-Majors                             
ART-UE 105                                                           

Drawing II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 102

Painting II for Non-Majors 
ART-UE 104 (prerequisite ART-UE 103)

Printmaking II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 106 (prerequisite ART-UE105)

Ceramics I for Non-Majors                                   
ART-UE 503                                                            

Metalsmithing I for Non-Majors                              
ART-UE 501                                                           

Sculpture I for Non-Majors                                   
ART-UE 201                                                            

Ceramics II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 504 (prerequisite ART-UE503)

Sculpture II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 202 (prerequisite ART-UE201)

Design I for Non-Majors                                       
ART-UE 401                                                            

Digital Art I for Non-Majors                                  
ART-UE 303                                                            

Digital Photo I for Non-Majors
ART-UE 300

Photo I for Non-Majors                                         
ART-UE 301                                                            

Video I for Non-Majors                                        
ART-UE 305                                                            

Design II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 402

Digital Art II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 304 (prerequisite ART-UE303)

Photo II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 302 (prerequisite ART-UE300 or 301)

Video II for Non-Majors
ART-UE 306 (prerequisite ART-UE 305)

It is important that you consult with your major advisor to determine how this minors fits into your undergraduate curriculum before declaring.

For further information on the Studio Art minor please contact: Mary Ann Santos at