Study Abroad: India

Course: International Perspectives in Higher Education: India
India Locations: Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai
Session: Winter Intersession (January)
Professors: Dr. Ann Marcus and Dr. Teboho Moja

The Higher and Postsecondary Education program offers an intensive 3-credit study trip to India in the winter intercession that is designed to provide graduate students with an opportunity to examine India's higher education system and to discover and analyze similarities and differences in comparison to higher education in the United States.

The course includes class sessions at NYU as well as a 12-day study trip to Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai that provides an in-depth case study of India's higher education system. Through visits to both public and private institutions, students will engage with faculty, administrators, and students. The course is relevant for higher education administrators, researchers, policy analysts, and anyone interested in learning about other higher education systems and cultures. Topics will include institutional climate, curricular opportunities, college admissions requirements, distribution of students by class and ethnicity, as well as the student services offered.

Full-Time Student Perspective: Erin Carlisle (M.A. '14)

Erin CarlisleEducation, Justice, Health. The sign displayed three simple words outside of a college within the University of Mumbai. Indian higher education has greatly developed in recent years to expand its access of education. From the moment I stepped foot onto Indian soil, the literature and head knowledge transformed into a deeper level of context. Through the global program, I gained cultural exposure to the facts and statistics I had read. Personal conversations with the resilient students and faculty interaction further enriched my learning. Those three "simple" words don’t seem as simple after expanding my worldview in India.

Part-Time Student Perspective: Nick Heller (M.A. '14)

Nicholas HellerAs a part time student in the HESA program I knew I wanted to study abroad from the first time it was mentioned by my adviser and was specifically interested in India because of its rich and diverse culture, and heritage.  During the two weeks in India, our class visited a variety of public and private institutions.  I grew tremendously through interacting with students and experiencing their hospitality and passion for learning. Some of the cultural highlights included exploring Mumbai and Kerala in rickshaws, and spending an evening watching a kite festival from a beach side rooftop.  This has truly been a perspective changing learning experience.

Full-Time Student Perspective: Colvin Georges (M.A. '15)  

Colvin GeorgesThe study abroad in India has been one of my most rewarding experiences while being a graduate student at NYU! There were many presentations, conversations, and site visits that strengthened my understanding about the culture and customs of this country as it pertained to education, marriage, religion, language, food, family, social inequalities, and financial stability. Another rewarding part of my study abroad experience was when I toured one of the greatest slums in Dharavi, Mumbai. I witnessed a system of resiliency. By the end of your journey, you will have a whole new outlook on life and the way you view your native country.

*India photos by David Dillon (M.A. '14)