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Non-Degree Students

How to Apply

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident with a bachelor's degree who is not seeking a graduate degree and you want to expand your knowledge in a particular area of study, you can enroll in select graduate-level courses at NYU Steinhardt as a non-degree, or non-matriculated, student. 

How to Apply

Complete the Application Form for Non-Matriculated Status. This form must be submitted in person (preferred) or through the mail, along with a nonrefundable $75 application fee (check or money order only, payable to New York University) and a transcript.

If you recently applied to a degree program and were not offered admission, you cannot enroll as a non-degree student. 

Transcript Requirements

You must submit an official university transcript that indicates the conferral of your bachelor's degree, even if your undergraduate degree is from NYU. If you requested a transcript from your undergraduate university and it will be mailed or submitted electronically separate from your application form, please email to let us know. Transcripts sent electronically from your institution should be emailed to

Returning Non-Matriculated Students

If you are a returning non-matriculated student you must re-apply by submitting a new application each semester you wish to register. The $75 application fee and official transcript are valid for three consecutive semesters. We will inform you based on our records and policy whether or not you are required to submit an application fee and transcript.  

Policies and Requirements

As a non-matriculated student, you will be limited to a total of 18 credits and must meet academic standards, which means having at least a 3.00 undergraduate grade point average (GPA) upon application. Learn more about non-matriculated student policies.

The following Steinhardt programs do not allow non-matriculated student enrollment:

  • Art Therapy
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Music Business
  • Music Therapy
  • Music Theory and Composition
  • Physical Therapy
  • Piano Performance
  • Studio Art
  • Vocal Performance
  • Online Programs:
    • Counseling@NYU
    • Embedded MAT in Secondary Education
    • OT@NYU
    • Speech@NYU

If you are interested in enrolling as a non-degree student in a course in one of the following graduate programs, you must meet with a departmental advisor and obtain written permission to register before you submit the application form. Contact them via the information provided below: 

  • Applied Psychology: 212-998-5555 (Not accepting non-matriculated special students in Summer 2022, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023) 
  • Communicative Sciences and Disorders: 212-998-5230
  • Higher Education: 212-998-5520
  • Mathematics Education: 212-998-5490;
  • Media, Culture, and Communication: 212-998-5191
  • Music Technology: 212-998-5422,
  • Nutrition: 212-998-5580,
  • Occupational Therapy: 212-998-5847,