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Music Business

Undergraduate Semester Abroad


Prague and Paris are two of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Both are centers for symphonic and ensemble music performance, opera, jazz, composition, film scoring, music business, and music technology. Today, Prague is a major training ground for some of the finest jazz and classical performers in Europe and has become a music industry and film music hub. NYU Prague and NYU Paris can help you gain the global perspective that’s a key ingredient in your education and preparation for the professional world.

Course(s) and Electives

Complete Required Courses

We offer five courses at NYU Prague and NYU Paris that will help you complete your degree requirements:

  • MPATC-UE 9036 Music Theory II
  • MPTAC-UE 9006 Aural Comprehension II
  • MPAPE-UE 9073 Keyboard Skills II
  • MPATC-UE 9037 Music Theory III
  • MPATC-UE 9038 Music Theory IV


MPATC-UE 9092: Collegium and Program Seminar

In Prague, the Collegium will offer you concert and field trip lectures that reflect Prague's unique musical and artistic history and culture.

  • Once a week, you'll hear a lecture or attend a musical event focused on either a historical period of Czech music, or a genre unique to the Prague contemporary music scene. 
  • Lectures will complement the live events and prepare for a deeper listening experience.
  • Lectures take place during class meetings on Wednesday evenings, while concerts will often be on different evenings; you will not need to attend Wednesday evening class on concert weeks.

The Collegium in Paris will provide you with a variety of cultural experiences:

  • Enjoy a series of weekly lectures and/or concerts that will acquaint you with French music and culture.
  • Connect with Parisian peers, institutions, or mentors through guided projects. 


Recommended Courses


  • MKTG-UB 9001 Introduction to Marketing: satisfies a business studies requirement
  • CORE-UA 9731 Expressive Cultures: Music in Prague Field Study: can be applied as a liberal arts elective
  • HBRJD-UA 9103 Modern Jewish History: can be applied to the Texts & Ideas liberal arts requirement
  • Ensembles are open to you by placement audition. 


  • FREN-UA 9808 French and Expatriate Literature: can be applied to the Texts & Ideas liberal arts requirement. 
  • FREN-UA 9865 France and Islam: can be applied to the Cultures & Contexts liberal arts requirements. 

How to Apply

Visit the NYU Office of Global Programs website for a complete list of current course offerings and application guidelines. Financial aid and scholarships are available to NYU students.

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Student Life

Our on-site staff will provide support for you during your time abroad. We’ll help you connect with your host culture throughout your stay with orientation, trips, student clubs, and language exchanges. Housing is guaranteed to all students and will vary by location.

Further Opportunities

Please talk with your academic adviser about making our many other global locations work with your program of study.

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Admissions Process 

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