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Media, Culture, and Communication

Undergraduate Semester Abroad

Examine media and culture in a global context with coursework offered by the NYU Steinhardt Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Through these courses and semesters abroad, you can cultivate a deeper, broader knowledge of the global and transnational issues associated with the production, circulation, and reception of contemporary media. You will engage and assess the forces of local and international media in your country of study through global media seminars, opportunities for internships with local media institutions, and visits to sites of cultural production.


At this degree-granting campus, you can take coursework in interactive media and technology and gain a global perspective on the positive and negative impacts of radio, film, satellite television, and the internet in times of conflict. Courses offered at NYU Abu Dhabi may not automatically count as major or minor equivalents. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser to discuss their major requirements and degree progress.

Select Media, Culture, and Communication Courses

  • Alternate Realities
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Communications Lab
  • Introduction to Interactive Media
  • Journalism and Society: Reporting on International Conflict
  • Mashups: Creating with Web APIs
  • Performing Robots
  • Politics of Code


Classroom learning at NYU Buenos Aires learning is deepened by trips to the editorial offices of Argentina’s major newspapers, where you can experience firsthand how local media report on human rights and other global topics. The curriculum includes beginner and advanced Spanish language courses and subject courses taught in both English and Spanish.

Media, Culture, and Communication Courses

  • Global Media Seminar: Latin America
  • Journalism and Society: Leaks and Whistleblowers
  • Tango and Mass Culture


At NYU Florence, you will explore Italian society through visits to the city’s numerous museums, libraries, and exhibits, and you can deepen your experience by interning with a publisher or web developer, tutoring English, or working at a nonprofit agency.

Media, Culture, and Communication Course

  • Global Media Seminar: Media Activism and Democracy


Investigate theories and evidence of current cultural and political transformations in London, a city influenced by the media, multinational conglomerates, and internet culture. As an NYU London student, you can enhance your experiences with internships in marketing and public relations.

Media, Culture, and Communication Course

  • Culture, Media, and Globalization

Study at NYU PARIS

Paris is ethnically diverse and constantly changing, making it an ideal venue for global media studies. At NYU Paris, you will broaden your knowledge of French language and culture through an intensive language course and take additional courses, taught in either English or French, offered by the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. You may also take courses within the University of Paris system and at Sciences Po.

Media, Culture, and Communication Courses

  • Crime, Violence, and Media
  • Fashion and Power
  • Global Media Seminar: France and Europe
  • History of Media and Communication
  • Introduction to Media Studies


Explore media and its evolution in Prague, where you will be in a unique position to explore how the industry is evolving in this young democracy. At NYU Prague, you can enhance your academics with firsthand opportunities to investigate and report on local cultural news and with internships at newspapers, NGOs, and media institutions.

Media, Culture, and Communication Courses

  • Advertising and Society
  • Global Media Seminar: East-Central Europe
  • Media and Cultural Analysis
  • Social Media Networking
  • Video Games: Culture and Industry


Study the media industry in Shanghai, a rapidly evolving world capital that is experiencing an explosion of media in all forms as well as an influx of global business and a thriving contemporary arts scene. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser to discuss their major requirements and degree progress. Students should refer to the preapproved course equivalency list at

Media, Culture, and Communication Courses

  • Communications Lab
  • Digital Media and Culture
  • Global Media Seminar: Media in China
  • Interaction Lab
  • Topics in Business of Emerging Media: Made in China
  • Topics in New Media and Entertainment: Interactive Motion Design

How to Apply

Visit the NYU Office of Global Programs website for a complete list of current course offerings and application guidelines. Financial aid and scholarships are available to NYU students.

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Student Life

On-site staff provide support for you during your time abroad. Orientation, trips, student clubs, and language exchanges throughout the semester help you connect with your host culture. Housing varies by location and is guaranteed to all students.

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