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Professor Bogna teaches a class of students participating in the Go Local program at NYU Shanghai.

Graduate Go Local: Spring 2021

Graduate Course Offerings

In Spring 2021, Steinhardt will offer in-person courses at NYU Shanghai, serving all eligible graduate students, by academic advisement. Students register for these course sections as part of their Spring 2021 registration process. Graduate Go Local courses may be supplemented by remote, NY-based courses.



In order to be eligible for graduate Go Local courses, students must:

  • Be enrolled in an NYU graduate program.
  • Be able to legally reside in China without obtaining a new student visa or other University-provided documentation.
  • Be physically located in Shanghai or be able to travel to the city before the NYU Shanghai semester begins.
  • Remain enrolled in at least one Go Local Shanghai course during a semester to maintain matriculation status at NYU.

Spring 2021 Course Options

Using Large Databases in Applied Research

Course Number: APSTA-GE 2110, Section 095, Class# 25282
Instructor: Evgeniya Lukinova
Credits: 3-4 credits (variable)
Dates: 1/25 - 5/14/2021, Tuesdays, 1:00 - 4:00PM (CST)

Ed Tech Studio: Design for a Client

Course Number: EDCT-GE 2554, Section 095, Class# 25278
Instructor: Alex Ruthman
Credits: 3
Dates: 1/25 - 5/14/2021, Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:40pm (CST)

Philosophy of Technology

Course Number: MCC-GE 2126, Section 095, Class# 25196
Instructor: Anna Greenspan and Brad Weslake
Credits: 4
Dates: 1/25 - 5/14/2021, Thursdays, 1:30 - 4:00 PM  (CST)

Language Evaluation and Assessment

Course Number: LANED-GE.8060, Section 001, Class# 5611
Instructor: Beth Clark-Gareca
Credits: 3
Dates: 3/25 - 5/10/2021, Saturdays, 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM (CST)
Open to select MA TESOL students only

Linguistic Analysis

Course Number: LANED-GE 8003, Section 001, Class# 5612
Instructor: Kentei Takaya
Credits: 3
Dates: 1/25 - 3/19/2021, 10:00 AM - 3:45 PM (CST) on the dates: 1/30, 2/27, & 3/13
Open to select MA TESOL students only

Financial Accounting in the Arts

Course Number: ARVA-GE 2031, Section 095, Class# 23456
Instructor: Tao Jiao
Credits: 3
Dates: 1/25 - 5/14/2021, Tuesdays and Thursdays,  3:15 - 4:30 PM (CST)

Seminar for New International Students

(Steinhardt Grad Students Only)
Course Number: SAHS-GE 2003, Section 095, Class# 25284
Instructor: Nupur Goyal
Credits: 0
Dates: 1/25 - 5/14/2021, Thursdays, 5:00 - 6:15 PM (CST) on the following dates: 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, and 3/18


Course Add, Drop, and Withdrawals

Students consult their academic advisor to determine which course option(s) will satisfy their degree requirements.

Graduate Go Local courses follow the NYU Shanghai Academic Calendar and its associated add/drop, withdrawal deadlines, and other important academic dates.


Go Local at Shanghai Campus Resources

Graduate Go Local students are supported by the Graduate and Advanced Education team at NYU Shanghai. To learn more, please visit the NYU Shanghai Return to Campus Resources page, then select "NYU Shanghai and Go Local graduate students."  The Resource Page includes essential FAQs about orientation, building access, pre-arrival COVID testing, the Graduate Student WeWork campus, textbooks, and health insurance policy.